[SG EATS] Wine & Chef At Keong Saik Road – Hearty Italian Fare and Affordable Italian Wines

[SG EATS] Wine & Chef At Keong Saik Road – Hearty Italian Fare and Affordable Italian Wines

Wine & Chef located at Keong Saik Road has recently revamped their menu and I got invited for the tasting session. The restaurant offers hearty Italian dishes with Asian ingredients. And their wide range of exclusive Italian boutique wines starting from S$7.00++ per glass makes it all the more attractive. If you are a wine person, you know where to go now.
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-1
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-2
This newly revamped menu incorporating Asian ingredients is curated by Chef Darence Wee, previously from the renowned Les Amis group. The restaurant is owned by the team behind SG Wine Cellar, which they sourced directly from boutique wineries at great-value prices.

Here are the dishes we tried with wine pairing during the session.
Gorgonzola S$9.00++ | Italian Ciabatta S$5.00++
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-3
We started with gorgonzola- a veined Italian blue cheese made from unskimmed cow’s milk along with honey, toasted Italian Ciabatta (Italian white breads) and olives.

Pan Seared Foie Gras S$16.00++
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-Foie Gras
Pan seared foie gras layered on top of the bread and paired with Pradello, Fattoria Monticino Rosso wine. Foie gras has the rich buttery taste and the wine balance off with the velvety and fruity taste.

Scallop Capellini S$28.00++
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-Pasta
We were told that this is one of the signature dishes here. Featuring the cold capellini with soy truffle dressing and topped with scallop slices, bright red ikura, golden brown fried shallots, shio kombu and furikake on top. With the strong flavours of the truffle dressing, they suggested to pair it with Franciacorta Rose DOCG Demi Sec, La Montina for sweet floral after taste.

Nduja Pasta S$28.0++
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-Crayfish Pasta
Fresh crayfish served with Nduja salami tossed in rich tomato sauce. The Nduja salamai is said to specially import from South Italy, Calabria. I personally feel that the sauce flavours can be stronger though. However, the after taste after sipping the wine gives a depth flavour to it. I would suggest you to try it with wine pairing to have a taste of satisfaction.

Pork Roulade S$24.00++
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-Pork Roulade
Crispy, crackling pork skin on the outer layer while juicy fats and tender meat on the inside. The dish is completed with a glass of Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, Beppe Marino.

Linguine al Granchio S$38.00++
Wine And Chef Keong Saik Road-Crabmeat Pasta
Freshly hand-pelled Sri Lanka crabs, crab roe, butter and parsley with al-dente linguine to pair with Romagna Albana DOCG, Colombarda. Classic pasta served with creamy, rich sauce and generous chunks of crab meats.

This place is ideal for couple dates and also those who love drinking wines. It is a good place to chill with pocket-friendly pricing especially on the wines selection. Food wise, I think it is hearty filling but it doesn’t give the ‘wow’ factor though. I would recommend to visit in considering of the pricing, portion and location.

Wine & Chef
Address: 7 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089115
Operating Hours: Monday- Saturday
12:00PM – 12:00AM
(Closed on Sunday)
Tel: 6221 9271
Website: http://www.winenchef.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Winenchef/

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