[SG EATS] Syohachi Yakiniku- All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant with A5 Wagyu Offerings Till 1am Daily

Syohachi Yakiniku opened its first outlet in Singapore offering All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Yakiniku Buffet in the month of October 2020. The restaurant is located at Tanjong Pagar’s Guoco Tower and a short walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. You can find 3 different set menus depending on what sort of meats you prefer. Beef lovers can rejoice as you can feast till 1 am daily.Syohachi Yakiniku Guoco Tower Singapore-1
Syohachi Yakiniku Guoco Tower Singapore-2
There are a total of 3 different set menus offer here in Syohachi Yakiniku.
Premium Japanese A5 Wagyu Buffet with 120minutes dining time and available for lunch, dinner and supper.
Price: Starting from S$70.00++ per adult
Syohachi Yakiniku-A5 Wagyu -2
Syohachi Yakiniku-A5 Wagyu
Diners will get to enjoy the unlimited offerings just like Yakiniku Ala Carte Buffet menu, plus a FREE-flow of Syohachi Yakiniku’s Premium A5 Wagyu cuts flown straight from Japan. The premium cuts of beef are available in 5 different cuts including Brisket, Chuck, Round, Knuckle and Bite-sized. Diners will start the meal with a beef tasting platter comprising of all 6 different cuts, where you get to sample each. It is free flow thereafter by the platter. However, you will not be able to choose or request for specified cuts because it comes in platter serving.
Syohachi Yakiniku-Sashimi
Also, there will be one free Sashimi Tasting Platter that include salmon and scallop. Items on the sashimi platter are seasonal.
Syohachi Yakiniku-Deep-fried Oysters

Next, free slow of assorted meats, seafood and other sides from the menu are welcome. Items such as Chicken Thigh with Fresh Italian Basils and Lamb Chop marinated with Italian Basils, as well as the Sesame Chicken Wings, Kaki Fried (Deep-fried Gillete Oysters) and Tori Karage (Deep Fried Japanese Chicken).

Yakiniku Ala Carte Lunch Buffet that offers 90 minutes and it is available for lunch time special only.
(Time: 11:30AM – 3:00PM)
Syohachi Yakiniku-Scallops
FREE-flow servings of pork, chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetables for this menu. It also comes with a complimentary tasting platter filled with premium assorted beef and fresh seafood. The platter comprises Syohachi Short Ribs marinated with Special Steak Sauce, Japanese Ox Tongue served with Spring Onion mixed with Salt, and the prized Premium A5 Japanese Wagyu.
You also get a fresh helping of Tiger Prawn served with Salt and savoury Japanese Oyster with Herbs Butter Sauce. Premium items on the complimentary platter are not part of the free-flow, but you can add on with additional cost.

Yakiniku Ala Carte Buffet with 120minutes dining time and available for lunch, dinner and supper.
Price: Starting from S$50.00++ per adult
Syohachi Yakiniku-A5 Wagyu -1
Syohachi Yakiniku-Appetizer
Syohachi Yakiniku-Pork
Syohachi Yakiniku-Assorted Vegetables and Mushrooms
As for this menu, you get to enjoy unlimited amount of Syohachi Yakiniku’s exquisite cuts of American beef, along with unlimited helpings of pork, chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetables.
Diners can also add on S$6.00++ for half pint Suntory draft beers or S$28.00++ per person for FREE flow with any order of buffet type.
Syohachi Yakiniju offers 5 different types of homemade sauces for diners to dip but I prefer to have its original taste though. The premium beef is equally juicy and tender already. Nevertheless, you can enhance the flavours with their premium soy sauce, Signature Yakiniku Sauce that brings fragrant hints of orange and pomelo, Garlic Sauce and Himalayan Sea Salt mixture.
Syohachi Yakiniku
Just like everyone else, I am also concern walking out from the restaurant smelling like BBQ. No worries when you dine in here as they have the special smokeless griller. You will leave the restaurant without the smell of grease smell on your hair and clothes.
Pricing Details:

Syohachi Yakiniku
Address: #01-13 Guoco Tower,
5 Wallich Street
Singapore 078883
Tel: +65 6214 0270
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30AM – 3:00PM | 5:00PM-1:00AM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SyohachiYakinikuSG

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