[SG EATS] Brasserie Astoria by Frantzen Group at Victoria Concert Hall Singapore

Brasserie Astoria is the Frantzen Group’s second venture in Singapore, after their highly acclaimed three-Michelin-star fine dining restaurant Zen. The new and casual Brasserie Astoria is the first overseas outpost of Sweden. It mirrors its Stockholm flagship that occupies what was once Astoria Cinema.

Located in Victoria Concert Hall Singapore, the restaurant houses 100 seats, a private dining room for 10, and a bar and lounge that seat 22 people. At Braserie Astoria, diners can enjoy a distinctly international twist on the traditional brasserie experience set prepared by Head Chef Emil Cecil Ess, a former Zen team member.
Brasserie Astoria by Frantzen Group
Moving on are the delightful dishes we tried during our dinner session recently.


Brasserie Astoria-Crudites
We started off with Crudites ( S$17.00++ ) with ranch dressing. Crudites are French appetizers consisting of sliced raw vegetables dipped in creamy sauce. Refreshing and simply addictive, especially the sauce.
Brasserie Astoria-Ham and melon
Next, Spanish Ham (Pata Negra) (S$21.00++) served with Charentais melon from Philibon, pine nuts and espelette. Pata Negra is a kind of Ibérico pig. They are black with very little hair. Their black hooves are a source of the phrase “Pata Negra” which describes the black hoof that remains on the ham throughout the curing process and distinguishes it from a Serrano ham. They come from Spain and made with Iberian ham and salt. Better quality in terms of the breeds and cost to raise is higher too. With quality ham that doesn’t overpower the aromatic honeyed Philibon melon as you might expect. In fact, the melon adds a freshness to the dish.
Brasserie Astoria-Calamares fritos
Calamares fritos (S$14.00++) is one of many tasty fried Spanish tapas dishes. Fried calamari with dipping sauce that consists of black pepper, green onions, lime, and galangal aioli.
Brasserie Astoria-Astoria Osciétra caviar and waffles
We also shared the Astoria Oscietra caviar that is available in 30g ($130), 50g (S$210), 125g (S$499). The set comes with parsnip waffles, crème fraiche, lime & browned butter. Diners get to DIY their own savoury waffles with caviar on top of the crème fraiche along with ingredients. It’s an elegant starter that’s rich in flavor, crunch, and texture.


Brasserie Astoria-Toast Astoria
Toast Astoria (S$32.00++), a playful twist on the traditional Swedish Toast Skagen, consisting of generous servings of Baltic prawns and Norwegian king crab, drizzled with wasabi aioli, and served on crisp sourdough bread.
Brasserie Astoria-Raraka
Raraka (S$36.00++), a classic Swedish dish similar to Swiss Rosti. Raw and grated potato is fried in butter and formed into crispy cakes. The version of rosti here is made with crispy Agria potatoes and topped with vendace roe, chives, crème fraiche, red onion, and lemon.
Brasserie Astoria-Quenelle & Caviar
Quenelle & Caviar (S$65.00++) is a memorable creamy dish for me. The elements include scallop quenelle, sauce vin jaune and barley koji butter formed into an egg-like shape. Smooth, oval-shaped scoops topped with caviar, which elevate the luxurious presentation.

Meat & Poultry

Brasserie Astoria-Steak
Brasserie Astoria- Whiskey flambeed beef
Highlight of the mains is the Whiskey flambeed beef prepared tableside. Diners can choose either Wagyu (S$110.00++) or Angus (S$68.00++) served with Kampot and green pepper sauce, roasted potatoes glazed with Fourme d’Ambert. Amazing flavours!Brasserie Astoria-Salad
Order it together with Caesar salad (S$46.00++) prepared tableside service as well.
Brasserie Astoria- Grilled spring chicken
Brasserie Astoria- sides
Alternatively, indulge in Grilled spring chicken ( Buffalo style) serves for two pax priced at S$90.00++ along with sides such as macaroni pudding, corn velouté, Astroria hot sauce, salad verte with yuzunette & grilled lemon.
Grilled chicken breast, toasted pine nuts, smoked pork belly, chives, kale, parmesan aged 24 months ( Vacche Rosse) & marinated green beans.


Brasserie Astoria-Tutti-frutti soft ice-cream
For dessert, we had the Tutti-frutti soft ice-cream (S$14.00++) with homemade sprinkles is likened to taste like bubble gum and sesame soft ice-crem (S$16.00++) with elements like miso butterscotch and candied pecans. It tastes kind of sweet and kind of salty.
Brasserie Astoria-The waffle ice cream
Not forgetting the signature waffles ice-cream (S$20.00++) that consists of pistachio waffles sandwiched with oolong ice-cream and raspberry.

Brasserie Astoria- Petit Four
Last but not least, Petit Four presented in a trolley for diners to pick from the display. Petit Four is priced at S$4.00++ each and consists of Canele flavoured in dark rhum, Jello in yuzu and fennel, coconut ganache and coffee caramel macaron and chocolate truffle. Dedicated fan of canelé like me, I enjoyed the canelé followed by the chocolate truffle.

@hazeldiary_ One of ths memoral dinner place I had recently. Love the ambience, tableside service and food here! #brasseriastoria ♬ Soulful Strut – The Fame Gang

Overall, the dining experience was amazing. Theater dining is more than an experience. It allows diners to interact with the chef and crew while enjoying the cooking process right at the tableside. We were told the reservations are filling up fast especially on dinners and weekend. Make sure you book your table early to reserve it.

Address: Brasserie Astoria
11 Empress Place 01-01,
Singapore 179558
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday
Lunch from 11:45 AM to 2:30 PM
Dinner from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM
( Closed on Monday )
Website: https://www.brasserieastoria.sg/

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