Nando’s is spicing up its menu with 20 tantalising new items this September. The revamped menu gets a snazzy makeover with burger, pita and wrap meals. Nando’s is well-established with its signature peri-peri sauces and flamed-grilled chicken. Whenever I visit Nando’s, I will definitely order ¼ quarter chicken with choice of 2 sidelines.


The new revamp menu will be alternative choice when I step into Nando’s again. Like all other items on the menu, the new burger, pita and wrap meals can be customized to suit the diners’ desired level of spiciness which is the lemon & herb, mild, hot or extra hot.NandosSG-TrySomethingNew-02

A total of 9 new delights available across all Nando’s restaurants in Singapore but we only tried 6 of them during the tasting session.

Nandoca’s Choice Burger comes with a premium-cut Peri-Peri chicken breast flame-grlled to sizzling and topped with crunchy coleslaw nestled within toasted garlic buns. It is best to consume while it’s hot as the chicken breast texture is slightly tough compared to other parts of the chicken.Nandos New Menu 1

On its Own S$16.90 | 1 Regular Sides S$18.90 | 2 Regular Sides S$19.90

Nando’s Steak Burger is for meat-lover. The beef fillet topped with fresh rocket,pickled red onions, homemade PERinaise (a blend of Nando’s special light mayonnaise with PERI-PERI) and spicy red pepper stuffed between toasted Portuguese roll.Nandos New Menu 3

On its Own S$16.90 | 1 Regular Sides S$18.90 | 2 Regular Sides S$19.90

Veggie Burger for vegetarians and diners on a diet. It is served with a crispy and protein-packed patty, chilli jam and tangy yoghurt sauce and sandwiched in fluffy Portuguese roll.Nandos New Menu 5

On its Own S$10.90 | 1 Regular Sides S$12.90 | 2 Regular Sides S$13.90

Chicken Pita served toasted and stuffed with tender chicken breast strips, crispy veggie salad and creamy whip. I love the combination ingredients served on the table.Nandos New Menu 6

On its Own S$11.90 | 1 Regular Sides S$13.90 | 2 Regular Sides S$14.90

Black Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap is the wholesale wrap served toasted, spread with chilli jam and topped with lettuce and tangy yoghurt sauce. This would be a good meal for vegan lovers.Nandos New Menu 2

On its Own S$12.90 | 1 Regular Sides S$14.90 | 2 Regular Sides S$15.90

Chicken Caesar Wrap is lightly toasted and stuffed with spicy Peri-Peri chicken, croutons, parmesan cheese and sundried tomatoes. You will never go wrong with creamy Caesar dressing and it is a nutritious punch too.Nandos New Menu 4

On its Own S$12.90 | 1 Regular Sides S$14.90 | 2 Regular Sides S$15.90

Nandos New Menu 7

Overall there is a hit and misses in the new menu. As for me, I would be back for the wraps and also chicken pita as I am not a fan of burger. And of course not forgetting their signature flamed-grilled chicken that brings back many memories during university life.

Website: http://www.nandos.com.sg/nandos_sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nandosSG

Nando’s Store Location: http://www.nandos.com.sg/nandos_sg/restaurants

[This is an invited tasting session.]

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