[SG EATS] Froth Cafe- Brunch & Dining | Big Hotel {CLOSED}

I finally stepped into Froth Café located at the basement of BIG Hotel last Saturday. The café is easily spotted if you are walking pass the building. The café is walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.Froth has spacious seating areas to fill big groups. The place is able to fit quite a number of people. However, it’s a bit tricky on the lighting part if you are into foods shooting especially at night. There are natural light from the windows at a particular area if you want to get some nice shots.

So, here are the foods that we tried:-


Escargot Vol Au Vents S$12.90Froth Big Hotel 1

Beautifully plated like a mini garden on the plate is the garlic butter escargots, carrot puree, crushed nuts, baby carrots, savoury soil and miso glaze. Instagram-worthy photo not to be miss! Taste wise, I find the escargot is slightly overcooked but the beautiful mess with the ingredients goes pretty well with it.

Roast Duck Salad S$11.90Froth Big Hotel

The salad consists of smoked duck breast, tangy truffle foam, cherry tomatoes, sliced peaches, orange, radish, raisins, mint leaves,watercress. So many ingredients in it and you can see how beautifully served on the table. The smoked duck breast was soft and moist but it would be better to enjoy the salad with more sauce in it. The orange taste was overwhelming that it covers the overall taste of the salad.


Pork Belly Eggs Benedict S$20.90Froth Big Hotel

This is not the usual egg benedicts that you can find in cafes. It is the coconut braised pork belly with classic poached eggs and placed on top of the english muffins and homemade salted egg hollandaise. Loving how the egg yolks flow when we cut it and the pork belly was juicy and tender. It would be great if the chef enhances the taste of the salted egg to it.

Rosti & Fried Chicken S$20.90Froth Big Hotel 2

Next, the rosti topped with salted egg battered fried chicken and homemade potato jam. I enjoyed the nicely fried chicken but unable to taste the salted egg in it. The rosti was in good shape and the homemade potato jam compliments well with it and also the chicken meat. Great for a brunch choice!

Pancake Stack S$16.90 with the choice of flavourFroth Big Hotel 3 Froth Big Hotel 4

Froth is known with its taro waffles but I tried their pancake instead. Their pancake stack in taro flavours topped caramelized taros. Few stacks of pancakes and drizzled with the taro sauces will definitely a choice for the taro lovers. I enjoyed the caramelized taros and it is quite addictive after the first bite.

French Toast Cube S$19.90Froth Big Hotel 5 Froth Big Hotel 6

The broiche cube served with fried strawberry with stuffed Nutella, strawberries, fried bananas, fried Mars bar,Speculoos angliss and one ice-cream scoop of your choice. So many ingredients in it that I couldn’t find the focus flavour of this dish. Nevertheless, the French toast was nicely done and fluffy. I enjoyed it with the scoop of ice-cream that hidden inside the French toast. So, those who are into food photos, get a quick shot and enjoyed it before the ice-cream melts inside.

These dishes are available in their new menu now. Most of their foods I would say are Instagram-worthy. However, it would be even great if they can work on some adjustments to improve the taste of the dishes.

[This is a media tasting hosted by Froth.]

Froth Café @ BIG Hotel

200 Middle Road

Singapore 188980

Operating Hours :-

Breakfast 7.00AM – 10:30AM Daily

Lunch & Dinner 11:30AM – 10:00PM

(Closed on every first Monday of the month)

Website: http://froth.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frothsg

Instagram @froth.sg

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