*Updated March 2018*- Check out their new concept – Spring Labs here.

Since we need to wait approximately 45 minutes for our Korean-style fried chicken to be ready, we decided to drive to Eco Spring Show Village for this newly pop up store called Lis Gelato. It is located just few foot steps away from Palladium Café (I blogged about it previously). You will not miss this gelato store as it shares the outdoor seating areas as well. Lis Gelato Palladium- 1 Lis Gelato Palladium-5

LIS stands for Love Is Simple and the people behind this concept is creative enough to present the visual crispy cotton candy and gelatos in beautiful pastel colours. It is Instagram-worthy photo not to be miss. They also served gelato by itself in the cup but we opt for prettier version.Lis Gelato Palladium Lis Gelato Palladium-2 Lis Gelato Palladium-3Lis Gelato Palladium-7

There are quite a number of flavours to choose from. We ordered Love Is Simple RM12.00 (S$4.00). LIS is basically the crispy cotton candy with 1 scoop of gelato. It is just like sandwich style presentation but in lovely rose shape cotton candy.Lis Gelato Palladium-4 Lis Gelato Palladium-8

We had pink crispy cotton candy with chocolate gelato and heart-shaped marshmallow. Followed by tiffany blue cotton candy with strawberry gelato. The gelato was a disappointment and we didn’t finish it. It was icy and we can’t taste the goodness flavour in it. Nevertheless, the crispy cotton candy looks good and the taste was not too sweet for our liking.

So, for those who love palladium café for its setup booth, you can know enjoy the dessert as well.  The place is truly a beautiful place for some outdoor shooting and outfit shots as well.


Eco Spring Show Village

Jalan Ekoflora 1

Taman Ekoflora

81100 Johor Bahru


Operating Hours: Friday – Sunday 11:30AM – 9:30PM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisgelato/

Instagram @lis_gelato

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