My first experience with UMA UMA was at their first outlet at Forum Shopping Mall a year ago. Located along the new and bustling Japanese Food Street at Millenia Walk, Uma Uma has expanded their 2nd outlet here as an Izakaya restaurant and bar. The newly opened (23 November 2015) Japanese restaurant features their grilled Yakitori and Kushikatsu, with cocktails and drinks by Horse’s Mouth and Hakata-styled Ramen from Uma Uma Ramen. All these concepts are brought to you by Iki Concepts.Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-1

Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk

The restaurant has the indoor and alfresco dining area where diners can have options. However, the alfresco dining will only be ready by next year. Nevertheless, the restaurant can fit in 30 pax for indoor seating and gradually expanded to another 40 pax when the outdoor seating is ready next year.

What’s so special on their Yakitori and Kushikatsu? The yakitori here is grilled over charcoal and kuchikatsu is the deep-fried breaded skewers. And the ingredients are imported twice every weekly from Japan.Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk- Pork Yakitori

Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Chicken Soft Bone Skewer

Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Chicken Skin Yakitori

Yakitori Sticks from S$2.00 – S$3.00++ each
Yakitori is all about grilling to perfection with bits of char and delectable fats. The chef must equip with the skill and consistency to ensure the food quality. A must try yakitori here is the chicken soft bone skewer. It’s my first time trying this and it got me excited. The chicken soft bone is crunchy and there are bits of the chicken meat attached with it. It is best to go with beer and as a bar snacks too.Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk- Scallop Kushikatsu

Kushikatsu from S$2.00 + S$5.00++ each
The batter is seasoned lightly and not overly greasy. The first bite was deep into the ingredients in the batter. Thus, you can still taste the freshness and the juiciness of the ingredients within the batter. I tried it with the imported scallops and I still able taste the sweetness of the scallop within the crispy deep-fried batter.
Also, I tried the Pork Loin with the texture of steamed meat within the crisp batter.

Uma Uma Ramen S$14.00
Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-2

Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Uma Uma Ramen

Tonkotsu ramen with charsiu,spring onions, black fungus, spicy miso and egg. It has the mild soup broth taste that suits the local taste and best to have it during cold weathers.
Mazesoba S$14.00
Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk- Dry Ramen

Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Dry Ramen-1

Mazesoba is a dry-style ramen created in Singapore with ingredients ; spring onions, bamboo shoots, leeks, chilli oil and onsen egg. Once we mix all the ingredients like the way we eat bibimbap, all the flavours are blend in together. Thus, the noodles are flavourful.

Eihire (Stingray Fins) S$10.00Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Stingray Fin
I wouldn’t mind having this as bar bites as it is quite addictive.

Gyoza S$8.00

Hakata Uma Uma serves one bite-size gyoza and filled more with vegetables than meat. Thus, the overall taste of the dumplings is towards lighter side compared to the ones I tried in other places. Since the size is one bite-size gyoza, it eases the diners to have one mouthful flavour bite.

Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Cocktail
Special drinks menu brought to you by the guys behind Horse’s Mouth. Since it is located at the town central, office workers can have option to chill out with the special drinks, sakes, classic cocktails, premium Whiskeys and of course beers!
I tried Aphrodisiac (Signature Cocktail) S$18.00 (Happy Hour S$14.00) that consists of gin, lime, sugar, cucumber, mint, absinthe and egg white. I can taste cucumber that lingers around my mouth.Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Fruit Sake

Ume no Yado Yuzu is recommended to try S$16.00 ( Happy Hour S$14.00). This glass of fruit sake has a mid taste of yuzu in it and I would say it’s a good drink before the start of the meal.Uma Uma Restaurant and Bar Millena Walk-Interior

In summary, Uma Uma at Millena Walk is a one stop for ramen, yakitori and kushikatsu. With the added bar services in the restaurant, diners can also opt to chill out after a day of work. It is best to go during happy hours to enjoy the special deals. And not forgetting that they are having Asahi Draft beer promotion going at S$8.00++ all day everyday. Deal or NOT Deal?

[This is an invited tasting session.]

Uma Uma Restaurant & Bar
9 Raffles Boulevard
#02-06 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Operating Hours:
Monday – Saturday 11:30AM – 2:30 PM (Lunch) | 5:30PM – Midnight (Dinner)
Sunday 11:30AM – 2:30PM (Lunch) | 5:30PM – 10:00PM (Dinner)
Website: http://umaumaramen.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ramenumauma/
Instagram @umaumasg

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