I was at Maru-Ten Udon located at United Square 2 weeks back with fellow foodies for a tasting session. Maru-Ten started venturing into Singapore F&B in June 2015 and has 4 outlets up to today. I visited their outlet in United Square which is a walking distance from Novena MRT station. Maru-Ten is just opposite Subway and also food court in the mall facing the landscape area. So, what Maru-ten Udon offers is their signature homemade Udon which is one of the local cuisine of Hakata City in Fukuoka Prefecture.
Maruten Udon- 9

Maruten Udon-

Kake Udon – S$3.80 (S) | S$5.60(R) | S$7.40(L)
Maruten Udon- 2

Maruten Udon- 1
Basic simple yet flavourful udon with broth called kakejiru. The udon texture was firm and Q. If you find that having udon is too plain by itself, you can add in condiments that are available at a corner to add in the flavours.
Maruten Udon- 10

Maruten Udon- 11
Alternatively, you can have other ingredients displayed at the counters as sides. The other ingredients are available at the display counter together with the cashier counter. Each ingredients are nicely placed at the counter with the price tag. So, you can estimate the calculation for your choices.
Maruten Udon- 12

Beef Udon S$7.80(S) | S$9.60 (R) | S$11.40 (L)
Maruten Udon- 4
Beef udon is available here. The beefs were sliced thinly and it complements the sweetness taste to the udon and broth.

Curry Udon S$6.80 (S) | S$8.60 (R) | S$10.40(L)
Maruten Udon- 3
Japanese curry is always in the list of most Japanese restaurants. So, in Maru-ten Udon, they serve curry udon.

Kama-age Udon S$4.80 (S) | S$6.60(R) | S$8.40 (L)
Maruten Udon- 8.

Maruten Udon- 7
We were told that the preparation for Kama-age udon is different from Kake Udon. The udon texture served for this dish was softer. The udon noodles are served in hot water accompanied with a dipping sauce.

Soup Ten-Don S$2.80 (S) | S$3.80(R) | S$4.80(L)
Maruten Udon- 14
This is rather interesting dish as customers choose the size of the rice bowl and choose the tempura toppings of their preference starting from S$1.00 onwards. Once it’s done with the choices, the staff will drizzle Ten-Don sauce upon payment at the cashier. And the last step is to add the broth into your own customized Soup Ten-Don. The broth is exactly same as the Kake Udon.

Christmas Udon S$11.80 (S) | S$13.80 (R) | S$15.80(L)
Maruten Udon- 5

Maruten Udon-6
And in conjunction of Christmas season for this festive month (December), Maru-Ten has launched the limited edition of Christmas Udon. This special udon served with the signature udon infused with matcha flavour and in-house tomato sauce with a crispy croquette. I enjoyed the croquette named arancini as it is a combination of rice and shrimp in it. There is also shiso leaf tempura and sweet pumpkin served along.
However, this is only limited to 15 bowls per day. Overall, I find the dish is too sweet with the added tomato sauce in it but it’s a good effort to have the crispy croquette with interesting filling in it.

Overall, I find that the price in Maru-ten is pocket-friendly for diners. Customers can also customize their own soup ten-don with their own individual preference which I think it’s a good idea. If you love udon, do drop by the outlet to give it a try!

[Thanks Eileen, Spoonful and Maru-ten for the invited tasting session.]

Maruten まる天
United Square Outlet)
101 Thomson Road
United Square
Tel: +65 6258 7783
Operating Hours: 11:00AM – 10:00PM Daily (Last Order: 9:30PM)
Website: http://maru-ten.asia/en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maruten.asia/
Instagram @maruten.asia

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