During a trip to Kuching last month, I was impressed with the development of the state.My first impression on Kuching, Sarawak is a less developed state as compared with other states of Malaysia. But after I arrived,I was wrong and Kuching has more than 180 hotels cater to travellers from all over the world.Hotel deals are on various platform including HotelsCombined. No worries on the hotel accomodation here.
So,I accidentally came across this fancy rainbow goreng pisang through Instagram. This triggers my interest to give it a try.Apparently, rainbow goreng pisang has been selling in different states of Malaysia quite sometime. However, I have not come across this yet and I am excited to give the first try. If you are not familiar with goreng pisang, this is a deep-fried banana covered with batter and is known by locals in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Brunei.

Thankfully my sister friend is driving so she drove us to the home based stall located at Kampung Semerah Padi. It is approximately 20 minutes drive away from the city. We were there in the evening time around 6 plus and so coincidentally there is a blackout. Luckily, the stall is just outside the entrance of the house and the business still operates as usual.

Cubes of the chocolate flavours

So, we ordered 6pcs with 2 choices of toppings (Chocolate and Pandan flavour), RM9.00. They called it Smancy. If you choose 1 topping, it is called Fancy. I took a photo of their colourful writing ‘menu’ list on the available flavours and pricing to order.


 The lady boss shared that she uses pisang kepok to deep-fried the goreng pisang. Pisang kepok is usually between 8-10cm long, flattened and sharply faceted. Their flesh has a cottony texture when underripe, and starchy with mild sweetness when ripe. This is often used for goreng pisang and mashed banana fritters. So, she deep-fried the banana before adding topping on to it.
 Once the goreng pisang is battered and fried to crispy golden brown colour, she spread them evenly. Next, she shaved some cheese on top of the goreng pisang. Then,followed by my choice of flavour which are the chocolate and pandan flavour. That’s how the fancycucopisang derived.

Look at the overdose of chocolate and pandan shavings on top of the goreng pisang. It’s sinfully delicious! Fresh and warm goreng pisang with the melted cheese, chocolate and pandan was well mixed and distinct sweetness. My advice is to best share with friends if you are planning to try many different flavours of toppings at the same time.

Thanks Puan Mahirah for the kind hospitality and treat us drink while we enjoy the fancycucopisang at their house.People in Kuching are generally friendly i would say.

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1415, Jalan Cenderawasih
Kampung Semerah Padi
93050 Kuching, Sarawak,
Opening Hours: 4:30PM – 10:00PM

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