Tanjong Pagar Road has a row of shop houses that filled with F&B Tenants. One of the latest additions to the area is the 2 month old Hokkaido Izakaya. Hokkaido Izakaya is the first outlet venture out of Japan. The authentic Japanese Izakaya bringing in the Hokkaido’s produce for local diners to enjoy. Now, you do not need to fly over to enjoy!
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar Singapore

Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar Singapore-1

Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-1

Hokkaido Izakaya in Singapore gets its produce from just four cities :-
1. Yakumo Town for its seafoods
2. Furano City for Hokkaido’s famed vegetables, cheeses
3. Kamishihoro City for its wines and beefs
4. Akkeshi Town for its oysters

And of course seasonal ingredients will be brought in from the four cities whenever is available.
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar
We were in treat as we explore some of the highlight dishes from their lunch and dinner menu.

Cream Cheese Marinated with Miso S$7.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Cream Cheese
The cream cheese was rich and overwhelming and the miso taste was not distinctive though. Nevertheless, cheese lovers will enjoy it for sure.

Cucumber with Salted Konbu Seaweed S$5.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Cucumber
The refreshing and crunchy appetizer to start before the mains is served.

Seasonal Hokkaido Scallop liver
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Seasonal Scallop Liver
Some find it too raw but I find it interesting to enjoy with sesame oil and salt. It gives the mixture texture of uni in it but less creamy.

Potato Salad S$9.00++





Potato salad serves warm and made from real Hokkaido potato. Diners can choose the toppings (seasoned cod roe / smoked egg /bacon chips). And the service staff will smash the potatoes and mixed it well with the mayonnaise on the spot. You can taste the sweetness of the potato and the buttery texture after mixing all ingredients together.

Japanese Omelette Mixed with Milk S$10.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Tamago Japanese Omelette

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Tamgoyaki served with melting Hokkaido butter and cheese as the side. The omelette was soft, fluffy and smooth to enjoy. If you are observant enough, there is a stamp clone on the Hokkaido map on the multiple layers of omelette.I took a short video clip on how the service staff serves this dish to diners.

Potato Croquette S$8.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Potato Croquette

Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Potato Croquette-1
The croquette made from Hokkaido potato.Cripsy on the outer layer with soft and sweet taste in the inner part.

Scallop S$10.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Scallop
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Scallop-1
Fresh scallop from Yakumo-Town. Nicely grilled on top of the charcoal and served in small pieces for easier serving. Sweet and savory scallop that I secretly hope for more serving.

Chicken Wing S$6.00
Hokkaido Izakaya-Chicken Wing
Grilled chicken wing using charcoal.

Smoked Salmon Belly S$15.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Salmon Belly
The smoked salmon belly was nicely grilled and with bits of lemon drips and dashi gives a balance of the grilled taste.

Seasonal-Hokkaido Wagyu Roast Beef S$25.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Wagyu Beef with wasabi sauce

Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Wagyu Beef
Thinly sliced wagyu roast beef served with slices of potatoes and wasasbi sauce is worth trying without burning a hole in your pocket.

Hot Soba with Kakiage & Prawn Tempura S$12.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Kakiage Tempura Soba

Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Kakiage Tempura Soba-1
Kakiage Tempura Soba is a recommended dish by the restaurant. What caught my attention is the huge rectangular crispy kakiage placed on top of the hot soba served. It is recommended to dip the kakiage into the soba broth as you enjoy the hot soba noodle. There are three different quantities of soba for customers to choose – 100g, 200g or 300g.

Milk Hotpot with Salmon S$18.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Milk hotpot salmon

Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Milk hotpot salmon-1
This is my favourite dish of the night. The milk hotpot served was thick and creamy.

Steamed Potato with Vanilla Ice-Cream S$7.00++
Hokkaido Izakaya Tanjong Pagar-Steamed Potato
We ended with an experimental warm dessert for the night. The steamed potato paired with the melting ice-cream and azuki beans was surprisingly good. The sweetness of potato goes well with the melting vanilla ice cream and butter.

I will be back again to try other dishes in their menu. After all, I can have a taste of Hokkaido foods in Singapore without incurring flight cost to Japan. So, why not I get my craving fix here?

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[Thanks FoodNews & Hokkaido Izakaya for the invite.]

Hokkaido Izakaya
95 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088516
(Walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday
Lunch 11:30AM – 14:30PM (Last Order 14:00PM)
Dinner 18:00PM – 00:00AM (Last Order 23:00PM)

Sunday & Public Holiday
Lunch 11:30AM – 14:30PM (Last Order 14:00PM)
Dinner 18:00PM – 22:30PM (Last Order 21:30PM)
Website: http://www.hokkaidoizakaya.sg/#hokkaido
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hokkaido1234

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