I was in Kuching, Sarawak over the weekend last month. It is my first time visiting Kuching and all this started when my sister inviting me to join her to visit her bff. We booked through AirAsia and I began listing the foods that I want to try. One of them is from Noodle Descendents which was used to call Min Joo Café. Min Joo Café was located at Bishop Gate, a small lane off Carpenter Street, Kuching years back. And now, the shop has renamed to Noodle Descendants (面家汤) and shift to a shop house at Jalan Padungan.

We reached the shop at 7:50AM as our first stop of the day. And some of the tables are occupied with customers already. As we read online reviews, we obediently find our table and get seated while waiting for the staff to approach us for the order. Then, aunty came along and asks us for drinks order and informs us that the noodles will only be ready after 8:30am.
Drinks served and we sat there and wait for the time to pass. While waiting, I noticed that there are many featured articles are placed nicely in frame and hang along the wall. This shows how famous this place throughout the years.

Took some of the articles featured over the years

Noodles (Kosong) RM2.00

Finally our noodles with fried shallots served on top arrived after a long wait. And they called this ‘kosong’ means plain without any ingredients. If you want to have it with ingredient, it will be RM4.50. I am fine with plain version. The round thin noodles tossed with soy is springy and Q. It goes pretty well with the offal soup.

Offal Soup RM6.00 for Standard Size & RM9.00 for Big Size
The offal soup served is full of ingredients. There are seaweeds, fishcake, fish balls, pork belly slices, kidneys, intestines and more. With all the ingredients in, the soup tasted flavourful and comforting.

Total bill was RM17.30 inclusive of 2 drinks for three of us and there is 6% GST charge. As for the payment, we need to walk towards the cashier counter behind to pay. We were loss at first as our usual practise is to call the staff to our table and make payment. But we observed how the locals do and we just follow accordingly.

Here’s the queue sign for customers as a guideline

Here is my waiting list process:
7:50AM : Arrived Shop and order drinks
8:15AM : Order placed for foods
9:10AM : Foods served
9:25AM : Done and left the shop

The kolo mee here has a long way of history and it is one of the favourite noodles stall for many locals. Many had them since they are still a child. The locals called it as “Carpenter Street Kolo Mee”. So, if you are in Kuching, this is recommended must-eat food at least for once. For me, once are more than enough for the experience and taste and no queuing for more than 15 minutes. My advice to you is that do not go there when you are in hungry mode because you will need to wait long. A hungry man is a angry man.

Experience the full trip by booking a tour to visit the Sarawak cultural village to discover the stories of Malaysia ethnics as well.

Noodle Descendents
Address: Lot 18, Ground Floor
Jalan Padungan
93100 Kuching
Sarawak, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 7:30AM – 3:00PM

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