Jiang Nan Chun located at Four Seasons Hotel has re-opened in early February 2016 after few months of renovations. I was there with fellow foodies after their revamping last month. The restaurant size has been expanded as they take over the former business centre next door. So, there are 3 new private rooms to cater for bigger groups or even host gatherings or meetings. The new design provides luxurious and comfortable dining settings for dining customers.
Here are photos of the newly revamp Jiang Nan Chun for your visual:
Take note on the elements such as feature wall in green tiles represents rice fields, plump birds figures in between the structures, chopsticks’ holder all over the receptions counters, fishermen baskets are used as hanging lamps.

One of the Private Room

Seating area in one of the Private Room

As for food wise, there are new menu and items to explore. One of the highlight changes is that Dim Sum is available by individual pieces now in order to customize according to customers’ needs. I would say it is a smart and attentive made by the restaurant. There are tea pairings for the dishes as well.
So, let’s start the ball rolling on the delicacies to try here.
1.Signature Jiang Nan Chun Peking Duck S$98.00++

One of my favourite dish that night. The Peking Duck is prepared using woods to fire the duck. This gives a smoky aromatic to the duck and everyone went ‘Wow’ when the chef starts to slice the duck on the spot.
We were told there are few options to enjoy it. You can ask for sliced Beijing-Style or Hong Kong Style. The difference is that the Beijing version has thicker texture where the duck meats are served with the skin and Hong Kong version is just a thin layer skin that we usually have it.
As for the sauces, there are the sweet sauce and the salty version along with the steamed crepe. The crepe was served in plain and green (blended with spring onion) version.

On top of this, it comes with a serving of sevruga caviar. It is my first time trying it. I had it with a piece of thicker duck slice and oh boy! I am sold. It was such a delicate taste.
Or you can enjoy it with sugar. We were told that Beijing people enjoy it by dipping sugar in it.
And they are currently running 25% discount promotion for this. It is advisable to order the duck one day in advance and check on the promotion.

2.Dim Sum & Pastry
Char Siew Slider with Pickled Green Chilli, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Eryngji Mushroom and Crispy Puff Pastry with Black Pepper Beef. I am in awe with the delicate layers of the crispy puff pastry and the efforts of the dim sum chef. I would highly recommend trying their handicraft dim sum here.

3.Sea Whelk, Maka, Dried Scallops and Pork Ribs
Enough said of the ingredients and this is a double boiled soup full of flavouring that you wouldn’t want to miss it.

4.Steamed Cod Stuffed with Mushrooms and Water Chestnuts in Paper Roll
This was served in individual portion. The chef purposely made an appearance to appear and did the shaved truffles for us. It was a thoughtful gesture and this was a pleasant experience. The steamed cod is wrapped with Vietnamese paper roll was tender and soft as a whole. The paper roll has the transparent film texture after steaming. With the shaved truffles added in, the dish becomes robust in flavour.

5.Wagyu Oxtail with Aromatic Lemongrass Infused Oil

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I would strongly recommend this claypot dish when you are here. The gravy sauce was umami and best to enjoy with a bowl of plain rice. Splendid and comforting I would say.

6.Crispy Salted Egg Yolk Puff Pastry with Almond
As salted egg yolk gets into trend, Jiang Nan Chun came up with this crispy salted egg yolk puff pastry with rich almond cream. As you cut through the crispy exterior, the almond cream just oozes out from it. Splendid! This ain’t favourite for those who dislike strong almond taste though.

7.Avocado Cream, Coconut Sorbet, Osmanthus Jelly, Cocoa Nibs
It is served in a bitter gourd shape plating has a creamy and smooth texture as a whole. Each ingredient has its own characteristics and balance off the flavours.

8. Yoghurt Cream, Mung Beans, Longan, Chia Seed, Sour Plum Granite
This dessert served in a martini glass where you can see the display mixture of fusion ingredients in it. There was a mixture of sweet and sour taste in it.

Service wise was good and friendly. Each staffs are trained well with service knowledge skill which not all restaurants can really execute well.
I would love to be back again to try more of the varieties in the menu especially the dim sum. I admire how the chef so meticulous and thoughtfully come up with delectable dim sum in terms of appearance and taste to create a delightful dining experience in Jiang Nan Chun. Each detailing and process is lots of efforts by the kitchen staffs where we should slowly savour the fruit of the dish.

Jiang Nan Chun 江南春
Address: 190 Orchard Boulevard
Four Seasons Hotel
Tel: 6831 7220
Opening Hours: 11:30AM – 2:30PM | 6:00PM – 10:30PM (Daily)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JiangNanChunFourSeasonsSingapore/

[This is an invited tasting. Thanks Isabelle and Jiang Nan Chun for the kind hospitality.]

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