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Different packaging that Al' Frank Cookies offer to customers
Different packaging that Al’ Frank Cookies offer to customers

I was introduced to Al’Frank Cookies located at Haji Lane recently. Al’ Frank Cookies specialises in flourless oatmeal cookies with a range of flavours to offer. The owner, Mr Frank was graduated from SHATEC and decided to venture to this baking passion with the support of his wife and daughter. Thus, this shop, Al’ Frank Cookies is all about.
Some of the display magazines that featured the shop
Some of the display magazines that featured the shop

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Al’ Frank Cookies produces gluten free cookies which give consumers a healthy choice to snack. Although healthy foods always seem to be tasteless but the cookies here remain delicious even without using flour. Understand from Mr Frank, he will grind the oats first before he starts the production daily. The flourless oatmeal cookies definitely caught me into surprise.

I brought back some to try with my sisters and the feedback was positive. And the cookies are packed in a resealed ziplock bag which is very convenient to keep. The cookies shapes are bite-sized and suitable for kids and adults.

Oatmeal Double Belgium Chocolate Cookies
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I am so addicted with this and the cookies are not overly sweet although there is a word ‘double’ in it. There is a chocolate chips within the cookies too! My sister took the first bite and she was hooked to it.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chips
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As compared with the Double Belgium chocolate cookies, the chocolate input percentage here is lesser. There are chocolate chips in the cookies but the taste wise was not as thick as the double version. But the cookie base remains the same except the mix ingredients are different.

A photo of Mr Frank-the owner of the shop
A photo of Mr Frank-the owner of the shop

And there are no preservatives used. Thus, the cookies are not crispy after some time. So, it is advisable to enjoy it while it is still fresh and crunchy. I would recommend you to give it a try and it is a healthier choice, so why not?

Al’ Frank Cookies
Address:12 Haji Lane 189205
Website: http://www.alfrankcookies.com/

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