Are you ready to take on #THE21DAYMISSION as mentioned on my title post? I think it is quite hard for me as I do attend food tasting on and off. And of course this shouldn’t be an excuse for me to eat healthily!

So I received me media kit– Thursday power-up lunch delivery from Mission Foods Singapore in conjunction of their campaign yesterday (Thursday). It was Tom Yam Baked Chicken Wrap with Button Mushrooms and Asian Greens. Sounds so yummy and yet healthy! On top of this, I also received a dumbbell water bottle and yoga mat to gear up for the challenge. I feel so guilty now and need to get my ass out of the comfortable seats to exercise.

My lunch delivery with the media kit

What is this #THE21DAYMISSION?
Mission Foods Singapore, the world’s largest flatbread producer and makers of the well-known and loved Mission Wraps, has teamed up with Fitness Guru, Dave Nuku and Celebrity Nutritionist, Alexandra Prabaharan to create an exciting yet simple to follow 21-Day programme called #The21Day Mission.

It will be officially launched on 9 May 2016 where they will feature daily fitness and recipe videos that are sent to subscribers. Subscription is FREE and can be done easily through the Mission Foods Singapore Facebook website.

Fitness Guru Dave Nuku and celebrity Nutritionist Alexandra Prabaharan

So, with this launch of 21-Day Mission, you can create a new habit or lifestyle too. Research shows that it takes 21 days to create a NEW habit or change an old one for a lifetime. Try it and you know whether it’s true as stated. And if you are running out of ideas on the recipes, you can always rely on their website for more information.

Okay.. I will make an effort to get my healthy diet on the right track from this challenge! So, good luck to YOU!

Website: http://missionfoods.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missionfoodssingapore

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