O’ Coffee Club is one of my first few dining place after I started my working life. I still remember my favourite dessert was their Muddy Mud Pie. O’ Coffee Club opened its doors in 1991 and currently has 12 stores island wide. Wow! That’s quite a number of outlets including the latest store in The Seletar Mall which opened in November 2014.
O Coffee Club Paragon
I was there last week to check out their New All Day Breakfast Menu 2016. Here are the dishes to check out if you are a breakfast menu lovers.

Eggs Benedict S$10.90
O Coffee Club-Eggs Benedict
All time choice eggs Benedict is available here with a choice of Smoked Salmon, ham or Mangalica bacon. We love the moment when we poke the egg yolk and it just flowed out beautifully. And of course the breakfast staple is perfect to go with creamy hollandaise sauce.

Waffle Stacker S$19.90
O Coffee Club-Waffles Stacker
My advice is to share this plate of goodness among 3-4 ppl. We went ‘Wow’ when it was served. The 3 thick waffles are served with scrambled eggs and Mangalica bacon in between the stacks. Diners can choose whether to go with coffee maple syrup or gula melaka cream. My personal favourite is the gula melaka cream. If you are an adventurous person, give this a try instead of the usual maple syrup. And of course coffee lovers can try their coffee maple syrup too!

French Toast S$7.90

O Coffee Club-French Toast
French toast served with orange-infused Mascarpone cheese with a choice of coffee maple syrup or gula melaka cream. The toasts are served in cubes and so much easier to share among your dining companions.

So, what about the All Time Favourite Dishes?
Classic Caesar Salad with Cheese Crisp S$11.90/ S$12.90
O Coffee Club-Classic Caesar Salad with Cheese Crisp
Diners can choose between Chicken Picante S$11.90 or smoked salmon S$12.90.

Country Pie S$12.90
O Coffee Club-Country Pie
The pie consists of chicken, carrots and celery in a white sauce topped with mashed potatoes and crispy toasted paprika tortillas. It is quite a filling dish I would say.

Garlic Prawn Pasta S$15.90
O Coffee Club-Garlic Prawn Pasta
Spaghetti tossed in pesto and garnished with chilli flakes.

Muddy Mud Pie S$11.90
O Coffee Club-Muddy Mud Pie
I will surely order this dessert if I am visiting O’ Coffee Club. The dessert comes with cappuccino and chocolate ice-cream, cookie and cream base. Love the thickness and taste of the dessert especially the chocolate fudge drizzled over the pie.

Do the dishes tempt you to visit O’Coffee Club anytime soon? With the price offer and the portion served, I would say it is quite affordable deal.

O’Coffee Club
Orchard Road
#03-09 Paragon
Singapore 238859
Website: http://www.ocoffeeclub.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OCoffeeClub.Singapore/

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