It has been a while since I last had Indian Cuisines. I was introduced to Punjab Grill located at Marina Bay Sands last week to explore their Special Monsoon Menu which is only available from 15 July to 31 August 2016. The Monsoon Food & Drinks and Platters are specially crafted by Chef Javed Ahamad to evoke the unique smells, tastes and flavours.

Interior of Punjab Grill
Outdoor Seating area

Punjab Grill offers refined, authentic Punjabi cuisine from India’s richly diverse Northwest Frontier Province. The interior of the restaurant was classy and cosy with dimly lightings. Diners can enjoy romantic meals here with Punjab Grill.

All the portions served here is based on the number of pax we had on that night. Thus, the portioning to be advise by the restaurant.

Apple wood smoked salmon & tempered quinoa salad S$18.00
Indian spices were added into quinoa to enhance the taste of it and of course the delish apple wood smoked salmon to complete the dish.Oppss.. i didn’t capture the quinoa picture. Pardon me as I was busy snapping and eating.

Pan-grilled tiger prawn/ spiked with tossed lemon bread crumb S$45.00
The tiger prawn was grilled before sprinkling some breadcrumbs and a dash of lemon juice was a fusion dish that reminds me of the deep-fried prawns we usually had in Chinese restaurants except the ingredients used were different.

Tandoori Kukud wings tamarind flavoured S$40.00

Monsoon Assorted Pakoda (Fritters) Platter S$45.00

Snack addictive dish I would say. The basket is filled with deep fried broccoli,capsicum, cottage cheese, artichoke and green asparagus. The fritters are served with different kinds of sauce to dip.

Channa jor garam in papad corn on a bed of masala crispy lentils S$20.00

Roasted corn with a tint of spicy taste after bite.

There are two options available: Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Mains in the Special Monsoon Menu.
Veg Main Course
Aloo gobi ki tehri Briyani S$34.00

Aloo gobi refers to dry Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian and Nepali cuisine dish made with potatoes, cauliflower and Indian spices. It is yellowish in color, due to the use of turmeric, and occasionally contains kalonji and curry leaves.So, we have here is the cauliflower briyani with smear of butter chicken curry gravy. It was quite a filling portion for me.

Tofu labbaddar S$34.00

The gravy was thick, creamy and strong in flavour and the tofu was puffy and fragile. I personally love the taste and goes pretty well with my briyani.

Non Veg Main Course
Smoked Tandoori duck simmered in kasmiri rogan jus S$48.00

It’s my first time trying tandoori duck and it was quite interesting concept. The duck was roasted before simmered in kashmiri rogan jus. Instead of the usual chicken we tried, the duck meat tasted surprisingly chewy and delish.

Monsoon Hot Bread

There are two types of breads served with a complimentary lentil curry. Masala ajwiani missi roti S$8.00 and pickled olives chillies paratha S$10.00.

Flambe Chocolate Bomb served with saffron pistachio frosty

This reminds me of the desserts from Henri Charpentier though. The chocolate bomb made it’s grand entrance with the fiery flames which attracts everyone’s attention.

We ended with Bethel Juice to cleanse and refresh the palate. Not everyone enjoyed the strong taste of the bethel but once you tried it, you can taste the scent that lingers in your mouth.

Pardon my limited knowledge on Indian cuisines but it was fun exploring and understand bits by bits about it. It was a fun session exploring the chef’s creation menu with the elements used in individual dishes.It was indeed an eye opener for me.There are other dishes available in Punjab Grill Monsoon Menu waiting for you to explore.

Oh ya! Punjab Grill is also available on The Entertainer App !

Punjab Grill
Address: 2 Bayfront Avenue #B1-01A
The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018972
Tel: +65 6688 7395
Website: http://www.punjabgrill.com.sg/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/punjabgrillsingapore/?fref=ts
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30AM to 15:00PM | 06:30PM to 11:00PM

[This is a media session.]

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