Cocoa Colony founded in 2015 is a chain of chocolate café specializing handcrafted cocoa drinks and pastries made from the Cocoa Brothers’ signature recipes. I attended the media tasting session a week ago to check out their new items that was officially launched on 11th August 2016.

So, what are the new items that you can expect?


Amazonian Gold Dark S$7.90++ & Amazonian Gold Hazelnut S$8.90++
Amazonian Gold Dark was indeed rich in flavour and yet not overwhelmed with sweetness. It has a smooth texture and comfy level of after taste. As for Amazonian Gold Hazelnut, it has a strong nuttiness taste.


Amazonian Gold
Black Velvet

Amazonian Gold,Black Velvet, Chocolate Orange Salted Caramel S$8.50++
Each single cake is rich in flavour and thick chocolatey taste. Each cake has its own characteristic and my favourite is Amazonian Gold. It was classic thick fudge cake texture and if you are a chocolate lover, you will surely like this. As for the chocolate orange salted caramel, the taste is slightly distinctive. Some may feel the cake tasted orangey but some may find it acceptable. It’s all depends on personal preference. As for me, the orangey taste is acceptable and there is a subtle salted caramel flavour.


Crab & Prawn Mayo S$9.90++
Forest Mushroom with Aged Parmesan S$8.90++
Sous Vide Chicken S$12.50++

I was quite surprised that Cocoa Colony also serves savouries items. It comes with a choice of chocolate bread or original bread toast for the sandwich and the fillings are Crab & Prawn Mayo or Forest Mushroom with Aged Parmesan. Attached photo is the sampling size if you are wondering the actual portion.
And they also have the waffle with a scoop of coconut ice-cream or with sous vide chicken. You can give it a try but I prefer to enjoy the cakes though.
And you can get a sweet treat by purchasing their marshmallow pop S$3.90++ with the Popsicle shape.

Oh well, there are definitely hits and misses but I would say go for their cocoa drinks and perhaps cakes for an indulgent bites over your tea or snack break.

More about Cocoa Colony is available at their official website

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