While I still reminiscing the Niigata food x Lewin Terrace collaboration, here comes their Autumn Sho-Mi menu. The new-age Japanese French fusion restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Keisuke Matsumoto features the distinctive ingredients native to Japan available during the autumn season. Lewin Terrace is ideal for occasions including anniversary celebrations, corporate events, birthdays, iconic weddings and romantic dates. Now you know where to have a romantic date with your loved ones.

Lewin Terrace- Chef Keisuke Matsumoto

Lewin Terrace-Hazeldiary
Let’s dive in to see the hidden wonders for this autumn season.

We started with amuse bouche for the night.
Lewin Terrace-amuse bouche

Lewin Terrace-amuse bouche-1

Lewin Terrace-amuse bouche-Hazeldiary
Homemade Bread & Original Soya Butter
Lewin Terrace-Homemade Bread & Original Soya Butter
Homemade bread served with hot stones underneath that keeps the breads warm. It was a brilliant idea I would say.

Spanish Red Urchin / Smoked Tofu/ 10 years miso
Lewin Terrace-Spanish Red Urchin -Smoked Tofu-10 years miso

Lewin Terrace-Spanish Red Urchin -Smoked Tofu-10 years miso-1
The dish made a grand entrance where everyone went ‘Wow’ the moment it was served. Creamy Spanish red urchin and bean sprout placed on top of the smoked tofu and the assertive taste from the 10 years old miso.

Mushroom/ Prosciotto Blancmange/ Coffee Beans
Lewin Terrace-Mushroom-Prosciotto Blancmange-Coffee Beans

Lewin Terrace-Mushroom-Prosciotto Blancmange-Coffee Beans-1
The mushroom soup served with coffee foam and garlic chips on top of the prosciotto blancmange. The curate white meat was well executed and the thick creamy mushroom soup compliments well.

Crab/ Japanese Apple/ Gazpacho/ Yuzu
It’s love at first sight when it was presented in front of me. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t bear to destroy it. Diners can explore the way to enjoy the dish. As for me, I poured the gazpacho watermelon before placing the Hokkaido crab with Japanese apple slices and edible flowers into it. If you notice, there is a layer of yuzu jelly wrapped around the crab meat and apple. The whole combination tasted light and refreshing.

Amadai/ Black Truffle/ Koshihikari/ Seaweed
Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu

Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-1

Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-2

Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-3
This reminds me of the dish I had during Niigata Food x Lewin Terrace 2 weeks menu. It’s quite similar but this time chef adds the slices of black truffle on top of the dish. The broth is presented in a siphon and the broth siphoned up into the upper chambers to boil. The fire was put out and the soup fell back into its source and all ready to serve. It was triumphantly flavourful that I savour every every last drop.

Japanese Wagyu Steak/ Nippon-rossini style
Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-Wagyu Beef

Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-Wagyu Beef-1
Well-executed wagyu beef served along with taro and seaweed butter and special crafted autumn leaves using red and yellow beetroots and baked onion.

Passion Fruits/ Mikan/ Lychee
Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-Passionfruit
I wish I can have second serving of this. The combination was on point with the aftertaste lingering in my mouth.

Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-Yaki-imo
The dessert was beautifully crafted to autumn tree and leaves using sweet potatoes and chocolate as the trunk and branches. There are sweet potatoes powder scattered over the dessert plate along with the bee pollen and maple syrup sauce to give the sweetness in it.

Small World
Lewin Terrace-Autumn Sho-Mi Menu-Small World
Small world consists of this four mini bite-size desserts to pair it with a cup of coffee or tea. We had white chocolate with green tea, dorayaki red bean, French cake and chocolate in jasmine flavour.
Lewin Terrace- Chef Keisuke Matsumoto-1
It was an amazing season with every ingredient and elements are prepared and served was well-executed. We enjoyed both visual and tantalizing taste throughout the session. And I had the chanced to learn more about the fusion cuisines as well. The staffs are attentive and approachable as well. Well-equipped with knowledge of the dishes and wines served to diners. Thumbs up!

And here’s a summary video clip I did:
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7aBxgTYcpE&w=560&h=315]

Autumn Sho-Mi Menu is priced at S$118.00++
Lunch 12.00pm- 3.00pm
Dinner 6.30pm- 11.00pm
Luxurious Wakon Yosai Menu is priced at S$188.00++
Add on: Wine pairing S$120.00++ ( 6 glass)
Dinner 6.30pm-11.00pm
For reservations, please contact Lewin Terrace 6333 9905

Lewin Terrace
Address: 21 Lewin Terrace Singapore
Singapore 179290
Tel:+65 6333 9905
Website: www.lewinterrace.com.sg

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