Penang is widely recognized with its street food scene and many will travel to Penang for the food. The street food still ranks the highest among the other states of Malaysia. I was there over the weekend at Georgetown, capital city of Penang for a short gateway. Thus, I took the opportunity to check out the 90 years of establishment roti canai at Jalan Transfer. The stall has been running for 3 generations and often crowded especially on weekends and public holidays.  There are only two types of roti canai available which are the plain flatbread (roti canai) and plain flatbread with egg (roti telur) with chicken, beef and mutton curry. Their signature dish is the roti canai + ayam (Chicken) RM6.60 which you can see them on each table. We tried their plain roti canai and also roti canai + ayam. The roti canai is served with a whole leg chicken drenched in kuah banjir.
 They called it roti banjir (flooded bread). The gravy is full of assorted spices and flavours and surprisingly is not that spicy at all. The roti is flat and mediocre and the chicken meat is tender and soft. The portion is big for a morning meal and not for weak stomach though.
 Next to the roti canai stall is a stall selling Roti Bakar (Toasted Bread) with half-boiled eggs sitting atop. We called it the Malaysia version of Eggs Benedict. The breads are toasted with charcoal and spread a layer of butter in between before placing the eggs on top. They called it Benggali bread which is local to Mamak culinary. A set of it costs RM3.50 and the bread is airy and fluffier to enjoy. But it tasted bland as compared with our Chinese traditional toasted bread –kaya butter toast in it.
This Indian-Muslim road side eatery experience is a must visit place because you can’t get in Singapore anymore. The tables are lined up parallel with chairs facing the road. You can sit back and watch the traffic passing by in front of you. Here is also a spot where you can see people regardless races enjoying their hearty breakfast.
 And some advice when you are visiting the place, make sure you calculate your bill as the staff can be quite blur with the calculation. Also, they might even give you a change of money even though you paid them in correct sum.

Transfer Road Roti Canai
56 Jalan Transfer
10050 Penang
Business Hour: 7:00AM – 1:00PM | 3:30PM – 7:00PM

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