Starting from 16 January -12 February 2017, Ellenborough Market Café at Swissotel Merchant Court is having Chinese New Year buffet special for the diners. I was invited for their CNY media preview sometime back to check out on their CNY add-on specials for their buffet spread. If you have a big group of families and friends, why not choose buffet for this CNY? Everyone gets to choose their own favourite dishes from the buffet spread.
Swissotel Merchant Court-CNY Buffet Hotel
Here are the dishes to expect on top of their buffet spread:
Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng
Swissotel Merchant Court-Ellenborough Market Café-CNY Yu Sheng

Swissotel Merchant Court-Ellenborough Market Café-CNY Yu Sheng-1

Swissotel Merchant Court-Ellenborough Market Café-CNY Yu Sheng-2
The Yu Sheng comes with salmon salad, pickled melon, vegetable, cucumber, leek, sour ginger, sweeten ginger, lime, gourd wax, peanut crunch, sesame seeds, pomelo, shredded carrot, white raddish, green radish, purple cabbage and pok chui. And not forgetting the lemon and plum sauce to drizzle over the ingredients.

Soft Shell Crab with Thai Basil Sauce & Citrus Spiced BBQ Bak Kwa
Swissotel Merchant Court-Ellenborough Market Café-Soft Shell Crab and Bak Kwa

Roast Pork, Honey Char Siew, Roast Duck and Cripsy Chicken
Swissotel Merchant Court-Roast Pork, Honey Char Siew, Roast Duck and Cripsy Chicken

Sze Chuan Seafood Soup

Swissotel Merchant Court-Sze Chuan Seafood Soup
The starchy soup has bold flavours with tint of pungency and spiciness in it. Surprisingly, it is not as spicy as I thought.

Poon Choy
Swissotel Merchant Court-Poon Choy
A must have dish for Chinese New Year. The poon choy consists of baby abalone, sea cucumber, XO Chinese sausage, dried oyster, roasted pork belly, fatt choy, dried scallop, dried Chinese flower mushroom,tiger prawn and Chinese long cabbage.

Wax Duck and Chinese sausage baked rice
Swissotel Merchant Court-Wax Duck and Chinese sausage baked rice
A filling dish to go with other CNY dishes.

Red grouper with Hong Kong sauce
Swissotel Merchant Court-Red grouper with Hong Kong sauce

Braised sea cucumber with spinach and black mushroom
Swissotel Merchant Court-Braised sea cucumber with spinach and black mushroom

Swissotel Merchant Court-Mandarin Cake

Swissotel Merchant Court-Pineapple Tart

Swissotel Merchant Court-Pralines
Other than the delicious cakes and peranakan desserts, there will be pineapple tarts,Mandarin Cake and Chinese New Year pralines to add on to this festive season. The desserts come in bite-size which is a good reason for diners to try everything.

Feasts Of Prosperity @ Ellenborough Market Café
16 January -12 February 2017
Buffet Lunch (Mon to Sun) Adult S$62.00++ Child S$31.00++
Buffet High-tea (Sat, Sun & PH) Adult S$48.00++ Child S$24.00++
Buffet Dinner (Mon-Sun) Adult S$78.00++ Child S$39.00++

Read more about Ellenborough Market Cafe from my previous visit here.

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Note: This is an invited tasting session.
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