[SG EATS] Birds Of A Feather – Western-Eastern Fusion Bar & Cafe At Amoy Street

Birds of a Feather is an all-day dining bar and café that serves western-eastern fusion fare using Sichuan-inspired flavours menu is located within a walking distance from Telok Ayer MRT. This F&B establishment was opened late last year by same people who owned Good Wood Café; a café chain across Chengdu, China.
Birds of a feather-Amoy Street

Birds of a feather-Amoy Street-1
There is a bar counter where customers can sit back and relax to enjoy a cup of cocktails by the charming bartenders. Another most photogenic spot not to be missed out is the centre of the space where there is the greenery vibes with the plants décor. Do request the staff for the seating area if you are coming for brunch or lunch. Best spot for photo-taking!

Moving on are some of the new dishes that were launched on 6 April:-
Bird’s Skillet S$23.00 (Available on Weekend Brunch Only)
Birds of a feather-Bird’s Skillet
Unlike the usual Tunisian breakfast like Wild Honey, they served with spicy chorizo, bacon, Camembert,Cheddar, Sichuan sausage, roasted baby potato, pickled red chilli tomato sauce and two eggs on top. This was one of the crowd pleaser that night and if only we can have slices of bread to dip, it would be even better.

Hong Shao Beef Ragout Orecchiette S$26.00 (Available on Weekend Brunch Only)
Birds of a feather-Hong Shao Beef Ragout Orecchiette
A plate of pasta served with parmesan foam, spinach, black fungus, pine nut and egg confit. It is rather interesting with Chinese elements in a western dish.

Salmon 2 Ways S$23.00
Birds of a feather-Salmon 2 Ways
The salmon presented in 2 ways; Salmon Tartare with apple granite with a hint of fresh Sichuan pepper, ikura and Cured Salmon Confit with Japanese sweet purple potato, lychee, roasted bell pepper coulis

Hong Shao Short Ribs S$38.00
Birds of a feather-Hong Shao Short Ribs
Braised beef short ribs Hong Shao style with steamed spicy and sour potato noodle.The braised beef has the full-apart texture with flavorful marination. I can’t help but secretly wished that I can have it all by myself.

Xiang Su Duck S$30.00
Birds of a feather-Xiang Su Duck
Xiang Su Duck features the braised duck breast and duck leg confit served with roasted potato puree, Sichuan pickled vegetables. Tian Mian duck jus served with a cup of White Ginger Pear tea on the side. Love the tea pairing idea!

Kawa Ebi Swim in the Chillies S$17.00
Birds of a feather-Kawa Ebi Swim in the Chillies
Addictive crispy deep-fried river shrimp in La Zhi Ji base ( Sichuan spice mix).

Baby Octopus S$18.00
Birds of a feather-Baby Octopus
The baby octopus served with classic Sichuan white garlic sauce, pickled black fungus and Japanese cucumber.

Pig Ear Mosaic S$18.00
Birds of a feather-Pig Ear Mosaic
This is highly recommended and everyone seems to approve it after the first taste. The braised pig ear served cold with Sichuan red & sour dressing with arrowroot noodle.

Crispy Chicken Winglet S$16.00
Birds of a feather-Crispy Chicken Winglet
Crispy chicken winglet served with house seasoning that include a mix Sichuan spices, salt and lemon skin. Even Nicole who loves chicken wings approved it.

Monotone S$15.00
Birds of a feather-Monotone
Monotone dessert includes the black sesame coulis and coral sponge, white sesame parfait and oil powder, sesame sable and light coconut mousse.

Good Wood Coffee Dessert S$15.00
Birds of a feather-Good Wood Coffee Dessert
It is an Instagram-worthy video dessert that reminds me of Coffee Signature’s drink. The difference is that this is coffee brownie on coffee soil with Tahitian vanilla chantilly and candy cloud that melts away as the espresso shot is poured over it.

Glutinuous Rice Cake S$12.00
Birds of a feather-Glutinuous Rice Cake
Fried glutinuous rice cake with spicy soy seasoning, pistachio sand, red sugar caramel and pomegranate. A well-mixed combination of savoury, nutty, fruity and sweet flavours in one dessert, I would say.

Poached Pear S$12.00
Birds of a feather-Poached Pear
Asian spice poached pear with osmanthus konnyaku and ‘lao zao’ snow. It is rather light and mild in flavour.

Yuzu Tea S$16.00
Birds of a feather-Yuzu Tea
This is my choice of cocktail that night.Hot cocktail serve with yuzu and lychee.

Overall the dishes here are worth-checking out if you are adventurous enough to have a taste of modern Sichuan cuisines. My friends that visited before shared their good experiences with me before I finally have the chance to be here. It is quite rare to get Western-Sichuan fusion fare in Singapore.

Note: Their new dishes include their ‘Weekend Chirpy Brunch’ which served from 11am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday only.

Birds of a Feather
Address: 115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/birdsofafeathersg/
Opening Hours:
Monday 11:00AM – 11:00PM
Tuesday & Wednesday 10:00AM – 11:00PM
Thursday- Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00AM
Sunday 10:00AM – 10:00PM

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