[SG EATS] Hao Chi Durian – All Types of Durian You Can find from Malaysia!

The King of Fruit has arrived! And by that I am referring to durian. The true season for these thorny delights lies between June and August, and that means now is the best time for you to bliss out on the prized, wickedly-pungent fruit. Just so you make full use of the season, we’ve rounded up five popular haunts for you to buy your durians.

My foodie friends and I visited Hao Chi Durians which is located at 439 Sembawang Road over the weekend for durian. Hao Chi Durians has two outlets in Singapore and the other location is at Blk 162, Meiling Street. If you are wondering where the location at Sembawang is, it is few shops away from the famous Chong Pang Nasi Lemak stall.

Since the durian season is back, we are here for the durian feast. We tried 5 types of durians ( D101, D13, Red Prawn, Black Pearl and Golden Phoenix) that day. Let me share with you the photos and taste experience I had.

Durian Type: D101

We started off with D101 as advised by the stall owner. D101 durian is soft in texture and the flesh is not thick. It is generally easy on the palate and the taste is bland as compared with other variants. D101 is considered value for money especially during peak seasons as compared with others too.

Durian Type: D13

Next, we have D13 which is in deep burnt orange colour as compared to D101. This tasted sweet with slight of milky texture. The durian we had was from Muar and it has a slight bitter after taste. It has the best colour in terms of visual on that day.

Durian Type: Red Prawn

Red Prawn which is also known as Hong Xia or Ang Hay is my favourite of all. It has the orangey-red in colour but the one we had not is not that obvious though. It has the fleshy, smooth and milky taste and the seed is not big. The best part is that it has the sweet and bitter taste.

Durian Type: Black Pearl

Next is the Black Pearl known as Hei Zhen Zhu durian. This durian has a pale yellow with grey undertones colour. It has the slightly bitter taste and comes in small seeds. Taste wise is not as good as Red Prawn though. That’s my opinion after tasting both.

Durian Type: Golden Phoenix

Lastly, we had Golden Phoenix known as Jin Feng. The colour is slightly pale and in yellow-white. Taste wise is bittersweet with watery and slightly fibrous texture.

Missing out the King Fruit- Mao Shan Wang because the supplies only arrived Singapore at 6pm. Nevertheless, we are quite contented with Red Prawn. It is basically everyone’s favourite that day.

Understand from the owner that their durians are from Malaysia and they have fresh batches of durian in daily basis. It is basically like the moment the durian dropped from the tree at night, it will be delivered to them the next day. This is how fresh can it be from Malaysia to Singapore. And Hao Chi Durians do not supply Thai durians.

For those who want to have durian feast this season, you can check out their durian buffet priced at S$42.00nett per pax or S$80.00 nett for 2 pax. (This excludes Mao Shang Wan durian)
Alternatively, you can have Prime durian buffet (include Mao Shan Wang) at S$68.00nett per pax or S$130.00nett for 2pax.
* Simply quote ‘Hazeldiary’ to enjoy 5% discount off from total bill when you dine in/ eat there (exclude buffet and take-away). This does not include delivery or takeaway. *

If distance is a problem, no worries man. You can call for home delivery.
Order below 6kg. ($15 delivery charges)
Order above 6kg. ($5 delivery charges)
Order above 10kg, (free delivery)
Delivery timing between 2 pm to 12 pm.
For any enquiries or order, pls call or WhatsApp Ah Hua @ 96996106

Their Facebook is continuously updated with the new pricing of the durians. So, follow their official website for the latest update.

*Note: the durian price keep changing due to the demand and supply. Thus, it is always better to check with the owner before you order.’

Blk 162, Meiling st, #01-355, Singapore 140162

Hao Chi Durian
439 Sembawang Road, Singapore 758400
Opening Hours: 4:00PM – 12:00AM
For any enquiries or order, pls call or WhatsApp Ah Hua @ 96996106

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