[SG EATS] Ding Dong At Amoy Street- New Creation Menu

Ding Dong first opened in 2013 at Ann Siang Hill has since relocated to Amoy Street since 2016. Believe it or not but this is my first visit here. The restaurant offers innovative dishes that meld familiar and traditional flavours of Asian cuisine with innovative plating, and modern, progressive culinary techniques.
DingDong Amoy Street-Hazeldiary-1
DingDong Amoy Street-Hazeldiary
Ding Dong has launched 18 new exciting dishes to its ala carte menu and specially curated by newly appointed Head Chef, Miller Mai and his team, under the tutelage of Executive Chef, Ryan Clift, as well as an equally inventive cocktail programme by Group Bar Manager, Joe Schofield.

We are excited to check out the dishes that are served that night.
Kuih Pie Tee, Singapore Chilli Crab S$15.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Kueh Pie Tee
We started with crispy tart shell Kuih Pie Tee filled with Singapore Chilli Crab. The crab meat added sweetness to the filling and making the dish tasty with the chilli gravy.

Steak Tartare – S$20.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Steak Tartare
A serving of meat packed with flavour served with fennel rice cracker and spread it over the toasted onion bread. It is welcoming mouthfeel taste before we start our mains.

Tuna Tataki – S$18.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Tuna Tataki
Refreshing tuna tataki served with calamansi sorbet, avocado sauce, edamame and ikura on a bed of cucumber carpaccio slices. As much as the calamansi sorbet is refreshing, I would rather have it separately with tuna tataki.

Stuffed You Tiao –S$16.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Youtiao Otah
Otah Otah sandwiched in between the charcoal you tiao and kaffir lime mayonnaise to complete the taste. This reminds me of the youtiao with mayonnaise but it has been further improvised with otah otah. This is best to enjoy while it is hot.

Curried Pumpkin Soup-S$16.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Curried Pumpkin Soup-1
DingDong Amoy Street-Curried Pumpkin Soup
I enjoyed the combination of curried pumpkin soup with chunks of crayfish meat and grilled pumpkin. The soup tasted thick, creamy and distinctive curry after taste.

Pad Thai Quail, Watercress Salad and Firm Beancurd-S$16.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Quail-1
DingDong Amoy Street-Quail
The quail is marinated with spices and deep-fried to a crispy and served with firm beancurd along with the watercress salad. Some said the sauce is too heavy but I think it surely goes well with alcohol drinks.

Beef Short Rib-S$38.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Beef Short Rib
My favourite dish and I would recommend to order this when you are here. But wait a minute. The sous vide beef short rib is prepared using classic Peranakan ingredient, Buah Keluak topped with wingbean salad. Generous serving of buah keluak sauce is truly enticing. And it is a successful combination!

Duck Leg-S$30.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Duck Leg
A rendition of Malay with Western flavours I would say. The crispy and moist duck leg confit served with creamy satay sauce and ketupat in cubes. The gravy is best to go with a bowl of white rice. This is how locals enjoy their savoury dishes.

Barramundi –S$26.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Baramundi
Barramundi served with Thai sweet & sour sauce and green papaya slices.

Durian Alaska-S$18.00++
DingDong Amoy Street-Durian Alaska-1
DingDong Amoy Street-Durian Alaska
Everyone was so excited when this is served. The beautifully curated Durian Alaska made with in-house durian ice-cream and pandan sponge coated with smooth torched pandan meringue. And take a closer look you will find a thin layer of biscuit at the bottom with housemade durian kaya. Oh boy! Every bite is extremely awesome! I can have it all by myself.

Melon Sago-S$12.00++
DingDong Amoy Street
Instead of the usual traditional melon sago, it is served with rock melon ice-cream and winter melon foam.

Expect surprises when the dishes are served as the chef here are so talented and creative in curating their menu.I would say more hits than misses here to experience the modern twist cuisine.

Address: 115 Amoy Street
Singapore 069935
Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday 12:00PM – 3:00PM | 6:00PM – 12:00AM
(Closed on Sunday)

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