[SG EATS] Antoinette Unveils New European Flair Menu and Chef Pang’s Culinary Magic (CLOSED)

Chef Pang did it again! Chef Pang Kok Keong who is the Executive Chef/ Owner of Antoinette unveils new menu with a touch of European flair. I am so glad to be back again to check out the new savouries and brunch dishes for Antoinette’s 2018 menu mainstays.Here are the dishes we tried during the food tasting session:
Watermelon & Smoked Duck Salad S$24.00++
Antoinette-Watermelon & Duck Salad
Refreshing and fruity salad that comes with red and white sorgum, zucchini, lotus roots, edamame, broccoli, beetroot yoghurt dressing, mixed greens and egg that is boiled for 6 minutes to achieve the ozzing yolk. The watermelon is processed in two ways, which is compressed and pickled. The watermelon cubes are sous vide for firmer bite and a sweeter flavour.

Double Prawn Linguine S$26.00++
Antoinette-Double Prawn Linguine
The lobster is sautéed and deglazed with white wine and the linguine is prepared with prawn bisque and homemade spicy shrimp paste. The dish is finished with zucchini strips and garnished with ebiko, sakura ebi, nori and shiso cress for a cumulation of flavours. It is a luxurious and rich flavour dish not to miss!

Wagyu Beef Tagliatelle S$26.00++
Antoinette-Wagyu Beef Tagliatelle
The tagliatelle is made from scratch by Chef Pang using homemade whole wheat paste. The ragout is cooked with red wine, a medley of herbs and hunks of wagyu beef brisket. The dish is complete with onsen egg to be mix and coated with pasta before you take the first bite. Also, chef finished it off with grated parmesan cheese over the dish. Umami flavour indeed!

Baked Rigatoni S$8.00++
Antoinette-Baked Rigatoni
Comforting and satisfying rigatoni pasta sautéed in tomato cream sauce enlivened with chilli, white wine, onion and garlic. It is then topped with French Mornay sauce and layers of gruyere cheese and emmental cheese and then broiled for the golden brown crust. It is a tasty plate with the sweetness from the tomato cream and tint of spiciness from the chilli.

Black Bait S$12.00++
Antoinette-Black Bait
Addictive morsels of fish dusted with Whoppie Dust (homemade spice seasoning)- a blend of onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper and a sprinkle of raspberry powder and served with fried seaweed. The quinoa charcoal batter gives the whitebaits their bold colour.It is like a snack bites before the mains.

Moving on are Antoinette’s special concoctions that we tried. We ordered Blue Romance S$12.00++ comprising blue pea flower that lends its hue, peach puree, yuzu and topped up with sparkling soda, Grey Sky Dark Cloud S$10.00++-marriage of iced matcha, salty cheese foam and charcoal marshmallow resembling a dark cloud and Prescription S$14.00++ – combination of houjicha latte, Okinawan black sugar syrup, yuzu ice cubes and a pill sachet with fairy grass-grass jelly cubes.
Antoinette-Blue Romance
Antoinette-Grey Sky Dark Cloud
And as for desserts, remember to check out the gourmet experience Watermelon Kakigori S$20.00++.

It gives the “wow” factor as it is presented in its original state in cubes. The dessert comprises early grey chiffon cake layered with yuzu cream, fresh strawberries, rose petal foam, almond crumb, fresh watermelon and topped with watermelon kakigori (shaved ice).

Fondant au Chocolat S$14.00++
Antoinette-Fondant au Chocolat
Classic decadent dark chocolate cake with the lava that oozes out served with cold-brewed coffee ice-cream with orange confit.

Note: The savoury items will be available from 30 July 2018 onwards. And selected dishes will be available at the Mandarin Gallery outlet from 3 September 2018.

Le Menu Brunch is only available on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
Time: 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Banana Toast S$12.00++
Antoinette-Banana Chocolate Toast
If you are looking for something sweet for brunch, check out the homemade toast with salted butter and spread with Nutella, fresh bananas, homemade caramel popcorns and coco pops. The chocolate sauce drizzled all over for a sweet touch of it. Best for chocolate lovers! Alternatively, you can opt for a scoop of ice-cream to the toast S$3.50.

Ham & Cheese S$14.00++
Antoinette-Ham & Cheese Toast
If sweet toast is not your favourite, try out their kurobuta ham and emmental cheese perched atop the layer of sweet potato mash. And you can top up S$4.00 for 2 eggs.

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