[SG EATS] Hokkaido-Ya At VivoCity- Fast Casual Self-service Japanese Restaurant

Hokkaido-Ya located at Vivocity Mall is a fast casual eatery serving Hokkaido-inspired dishes. Sushi Tei Pte Ltd is the team behind this new establishment. Hokkaido-Ya , which translates to Hokkaido-shop has an adorable mascot, Ezo modelled after ezo momonga (Japanese dwarf flying squirrel) sculpture in front of the shop entrance. Hokkaido-Ya
The restaurant installed self-ordering kiosks to streamline the ordering and payment process. There are two kiosks currently at the entrance of the shopfront where customers can complete the process.
Hokkaido-Ya-Seamless Payment-2
Hokkaido-Ya-Seamless Payment-1
The best part about the kiosks is the face detection function, where your image is stored in. So when you visit the restaurant for the next round, all you need to do is to click on the face recognition, the system will appear your previous orders for your reference. The system only requires customers to key in phone number only. So fret not of disclosing other personal information. There are two payment options to opt for. It is either cash payment at the counter or seamless payment (NETS or Credit Card).
Hokkaido-Ya-Seamless Payment

Moving on are the dishes we tried.
Bara Chirashi Salad S$14.90
Hokkaido-Ya-bara chirashi Salad
Edamame S$3.50 | Chawanmushi S$3.00 | Ebi Cream Croquette S$3.50
Hokkaido-Ya-Japanese Ala-Carte
Aburi Mentai Bara Chirashi Don S$14.90
Hokkaido-Ya-Aburi Mentai Chirasi-don
Truffle Salmon Don S$10.90
Hokkaido-Ya-Salmon Don
Hokkaido-Ya-Salmon Don-1
Shirobuta Pork Katsu Hokkaido White Curry Rice S$12.90 & Ebi Fried Hokkaido White Curry Udon S$12.90
Hokkaido-Ya-White Curry
Hokkaido-Ya-White Curry Udon
Hokkaido-Ya-Fried Ebi with White Curry
Hokkaido white curry is the mild curry consists of a mix of cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, onion and garlic powder, cooked with milk. The white curry here in Hokkaido-Ya has stronger flavour as compared to Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry in Millenia Walk.

Hokkaido Butter Corn Hotate Ramen (Paitan Broth) S$12.90
The broth has the fragrant buttery taste and the ramen texture is springy.
Hokkaido Beef Ramen (Miso Broth) S$15.90
Hokkaido-Ya-Beef Ramen
The ramen served with thinly-sliced Hokkaido beef, pan-fried to medium-rare doneness to retain flavour and texture.

Desserts include Hokkaido Milk Monaka, Chocolate Monaka, Yamamochi Matcha Monaka and Yamamochi Red Bean Milk Monaka S$3.50 each are available in packaging. The photo shown is the actual portion for photo purpose.
Hokkaido-Ya-Desserts-Ice cream-1
Hokkaido-Ya-Desserts-Ice cream
I personally loved the Aburi Mentai Bara Chirashi Don especially the robust flavour from the flaming mentaiko sauce over the sashimi. The tempura crackers give the extra crunchy texture to the dish. If you want to skip carb, order the bara chirashi salad instead. As a whole, Hokkaido-Ya offers wallet-friendly prices and the ingredients used are fresh and sourced internationally.

Address: 1 Harbour Front Walk #02-153
Singapore 098585
Operating Hours:
Monday- Sunday 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Tel: +65 6376 8387
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hokkaidoyasg
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