[SG EATS] Porta , Park Hotel Clark Quay x Ah Hua Kelong – 6 Course Marine Treasures Menu Experience

I am back to Porta again to try out the 2-day ONLY collaborative partnership event with Ah Hua Kelong fish farm. Ah Hua Kelong fish farm is a locally-farmed seafood and wholesaler that uses quality live baits to nurture the harvest naturally instead of employing today’s commercial short cuts with use of growth hormones and chemicals. To retain maximum freshness, the seafood is delivered on day as soon as it is harvested. They also arrange delivery to end user with a minimum purchase of $40.00.Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Park Hotel Clark Quay

Executive Chef Alex Phan from Porta has specially curated this 6-course Marine Treasures using the fresh seafood from Ah Hua Kelong fish farm, which is available only for dinner session on 15 & 16 August 2018.

Let me take you to a seafood journey.
We started off with a basket of breads.
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Bread

Next, it is a surprise Amuse-Bouche– Crispy miso cracker with curry mayonnaise. We had crunchy crackers with cilantro in it followed by a dip of curry mayonnaise before putting it into your mouth. The curry mayonnaise flavour definitely perks up the taste buds.
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Cracker with curry mayonnaise

XL Lokan Clams
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Clams
Palatable XL size Lokan clams with Thai basil, green chilli and lime that gives a taste of Thai flavours in it. The clam meats are huge and meaty!

Pearl Grouper
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Fish
We all went “mmmmmm..” after the first bite of the pearl grouper. It tasted so good even without the kombu. Chef completed the dish with baby spinach, shimeji mushroom and kombu to give a comforting Chinese cuisine after taste feel.

Green Lip Mussel
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Mussels
When it comes to mussels, I don’t really enjoy it because the mussels can be small and tasteless. But this Green Lip Mussel was awesome! The mussel is plump, firm and goes well with the red curry with coconut and lime sauce. The dish also comes with a mantou to dip with the sauce.

Sea Bass
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Seabass
Pan-fried seabass served along with Aubergina,Okra and spicy belachan shrimp paste was simply satisfying. We enjoyed the fish so much and it goes perfectly with the pungent and flavoured-packed spicy belachan shrimp paste. The paste makes everything taste so umami! Not to mention the fresh seabass was pleasantly firm in texture and meaty too.

Next we had the pre-dessert to cleanse our palate.
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Pre-dessert

And the dessert is served!
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Dessert
Raspberries sorbet with chocolate and salted caramel was okay but I would prefer the chocolate to be softer in texture though.

Petit Four
Porta x Ah Hua Kelong Fish Farm-Petit Four
Lastly, petit four is served to complete the whole dining experience.

The overall dining experience was awesome especially the mains. My foodie friends and I was amazed with the freshness of the fish and especially the mussels. Every taste was succulent and chef did a good job with the sauces. It did not overpower the taste of the seafood and it compliments well. Worth to check it out guys!

Date: 15 & 16 August 2018
Time: 6:30PM – 8:30PM | 8:30PM – 10:30PM
Price: S$72.00++ per adult | S$36.00++ per child for 5-11 years old.
*Children below 5 years enjoy a complimentary Kid’s Dish of the Day

The Great Prosecco Countdown promotion is also available for diners. First glass of Prosecco starts at S$10.00++ and is subtracted by S$2.00++ with each additional glass until it counts down to S$0.00++, free flow on the house from 6th glass onwards.
Diners also get the chance to win staycation prizes from Porta’s Lucky Dip!

Make your reservation to indulge the culinary made using the fresh seafood from Ah Hua Kelong fish farm. And if you are making reservation directly through their official website, you will enjoy 20% off discount for this menu. Not bad, right?

For enquiries, please email – hello@porta.com.sg or contact 6593 8855.

Read more about other dishes available in Porta here.

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