[SG EATS] Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining – A Taste of Edomae-Sushi

Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining たまやis hidden within the ground floor interior of Tamaya Dining along Cuppage Terrace. It is just few minutes walk away from Somerset MRT station. Sushi Chiharu specialised in Edomae-sushi, a tradition that spans over 150 years, honouring Japan’s best seasonal ingredients. It is also described as how the chef was able to create a new style of sushi.Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-2
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-1
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining

What is Edomae-sushi?
The concept pays homage to the Japanese Edo period ( 1603 to 1868), where the lack of refrigeration technology meant that special marinating techniques had to be employed to preserve fresh seafood. The techniques include boiling, and curing with salt, vinegar or soy sauce.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Omakase-3
There are two seasonal menus at Sushi Chiharu currently. For S$140.00++, diners can look forward to an Omakase Menu ( 3 appetisers, 2 seasonal sashimi, 1 seasonal dish and restaurant’s signature 10 piece nigiri sushi, a soup and dessert). And for S$90.00++, diners can try the signature 10-piece Nigiri Sushi Course.

Lucky me! I got to try out their 17- course Omakase Menu the other day. Let’s move on to my Omakase dining experience.

We started off with Kabocha Suri Nagashi, which is the light and yet intense flavour of pumpkin puree and topped with capsicum.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Pumpkin Puree
Hamo Su Jure– Almera tomato with conger pike eel and topped with citrus yuzu jelly.It is ideal to be served as appetiser.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Omakase-Appetiser
Then, we are served with Tachiou– Belt fish topped with caviar and sprinkled off with yuzu zest.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Omakase-1
Next, we had the slightly torched Maguro (Tuna) and Red Snapper (Kinmedai) . And best to enjoy with salt (it comes from the seaweed) and fresh wasabi.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Omakase
My favourite Torched Taraba Kani Kimi Sunose. Chunks of crab meat slightly torched and topped with egg infused with vinegar.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Tarabagani-Torched Crab
Moving on is the sushi series. The sushi is ideally savoured the moment it’s ready. And it is served at ‘skin temperature’. We watched how chef is action delicately prepare the sushi. Diners like us of course can opt to eat with our fingers or with chopsticks.

Here are the beautifully crafted sushis. And for Edomae sushi, the chef will daub on a single coating with a brush before serving it to us. It can be a form of broth soy sauce or other condiments.

Ika (Squid with black squid ink salt)
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-ika
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-ika-1
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-1
Zuke Maguro (Pickled raw tuna with a dot of Japanese mustard)
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi
Kampachi (Great Amberjack cured with white soy sauce and ginger).
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-4
Sardine with ponzu. The sardine is slightly torched before serving it together with the ponzu. Sardine has a rich flavour its own but surprisingly the flavour was fleeting. It is submerged in a homemade vinegar blend between one to three minutes and then sliced and topped with finely chopped spring onions and ginger.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Sardine
Kisu (Sand Borer with plum sauce)
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-3
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-2
Anago Nigiri. It is uniquely prepared by first boiling the Anago (sea eel), then grilled it atop a sasa leaf on the hibachi grill and finished off with sweet sauce glazed on top before presenting to us.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Anago Nigiri-1
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Anago Nigiri
Negitoro– Maguro tatare served with freshly roasted seaweed. So good that I wish I can have second serving!
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Negitoro
Kerayaki (Egg)
This is their signature tamago that comes with a bread-like texture, lightly sweet and amazing fluffy and soft texture. Egg whites are whipped up into a meringue and the yolks are folded in, This explains the texture with a small amount of sushi rice wrapped within.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Egg
Flavorful Miso Soup
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Miso Soup
Dessert-Sweet Japanese Rock Melon to end the wonderful meal.
Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Japanese Melon Dessert

Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining-Edomae Sushi-Orchard
Sushi Chiharu is an intimate 12-seater restaurant and it is best to make reservation before hand. It originates from Osaka, Japan, where its flagship store has appeared for three years in a row on the Michelin recommended Bib Gourmand List ( 2016 to 2018). It was pleasant dining experience learning about Edomae-sushi. Each piece is prepared to its finesses. There will be launching ala-carte dishes soon. I can’t wait to visit them for more.

Sushi Chiharu by Tamaya Dining
Address: 45A Cuppage Rd
Singapore 229464
Operating Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays 6:00PM – 11:30PM (Last Order 11:00PM)
Sundays & Public Holidays 6:00PM – 10:30PM (Last Order 10:00PM)
Website: http://chiharu.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChiharuSG/

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