[SG EATS] Paradise Teochew Has A New Outlet in Vivocity Singapore

Paradise Teochew has launched a brand-new 240 seater outlet in Vivocity recently. The dishes are specially curated by Executive Chef Cheng Fa Kwan. The chef has over 35 years of culinary experience and expertise in Teochew cuisine. I was invited for a dinner tasting session and had the opportunity to try some of the dishes offered here.

Credit: Paradise Teochew Vivocity

Paradise Teochew Vivocity
There will be 13 new dishes exclusively available at the Vivocity outlet but did not get to try all. Here are the highlight dishes we tried that night:

Before we start our meal, we were served with complimentary kungfu tea. It is one of their service for pre dinner , which I think it is a good gesture.
Paradise Teochew-Kingfu Tea
潮式烧乳猪 Teochew Style Roasted Suckling Pig – S$198.00++
Paradise Teochew-Suckling Pig
This new dish is indeed a good start for our dinner. This dish features the 25 day-old piglet that is marinated in an aromatic spice blend. Shiny, smooth and crispy skin sliced with an under-layer meat. It has the distinct crackling sound once you bite it off. Simply satisfying!

潮式卤味双拼 (鸭片、分蹄) Teochew Style Braised Duo Combination Platter (Sliced Irish Fat Duck, Sliced Pork Knuckle) – S$26.00 ++ (S)
Paradise Teochew Vivocity-Braised Duck and Pork Platter
Succulent taste of the sliced duck and pork knuckle from the braising sauce and it is said to comprise over 10 different ingredients. Depth flavour indeed!

半煎煮游水笋壳 Pan-fried and Braised Live Soon Hock – Seasonal Price
Paradise Teochew-Pan-fried and Braised Live Soon Hock
Everyone went silence enjoying this dish when it was served. The Soon Hock has a very delicate texture and its white flesh is very tasty. The superior broth is lightly seasoned and it does not overpowering the whole dish. I will definitely order this when I am back here again.

潮樂轩小炒皇 Paradise Teochew Stir-fried Assorted Vegetables and Cuttlefish – S$28.00++ (S)
Paradise Teochew Stir-fried Assorted Vegetables and Cuttlefish
A classic Asian way dish to enjoy for most Chinese cuisine is to stir-fry a good mixture of assorted vegetables and cuttlefish.

潮州海鲜芋头烙 Teochew Pan-fried Seafood and Yam Pancake – S$24.00++
Paradise Teochew-Crispy Pumpkin, Yam and Sweet Potato Strips-1
Paradise Teochew-Teochew Pan-fried Seafood and Yam Pancake
I would recommend you to order this. Pristine sweetness of seafood is matched with the nutty sweetness of yam, and the ingredients are skilfully pan-fried in a light, savoury batter. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside! Enough said! It reminds me of the Korean seafood pancake in terms of the presentation but totally opposite taste!

玉兰菜圃炒河粉 Wok-fried Hor Fun with Kai Lan and Preserved Turnip – S$18.00++ (S)
Paradise Teochew-Wok-fried Hor Fun with Kai Lan and Preserved Turnip
Paradise Teochew-Wok-fried Hor Fun with Kai Lan and Preserved Turnip-1
Fuel up with their wok-fried hor fun with Kai Lan and Preserved Turnip. Most of us gave a nodding head and finished off their portion that night.

金银三宝烙 Crispy Pumpkin, Yam and Sweet Potato Strips – S$16.00++
Paradise Teochew-Crispy Pumpkin, Yam and Sweet Potato Strips
Thin strips of pumpkin, yam and sweet potato are deep-fried and sprinkled with peanuts and sugar. When I saw the coated sugar, I was quite hesitating to try but surprisingly, the sweetness is not overdose. It has the crunchy sweet treats and this is inspired from traditional street snack found in Shantou, Chao Shan.

福果绿豆爽 Tau Suan with Gingko – S$4.50++
Paradise Teochew-Tau Suan with Gingko
We ended our dinner with our choice of dessert. I had this Tau Suan with Gingko.

福果甜芋泥 Mashed Yam with Gingko – S$5.00++
While some of them had this mashed yam with gingko.
Paradise Teochew-Mashed Yam with Gingko
Paradise Teochew Vivocity-1

Diners can enjoy complimentary Tau Suan with Gingko or Mashed Yam with Gingko by sharing a photo of Paradise Teochew @ Vivocity on Facebook or Instagram and redeem for it.Also, there are on-going credit card promotion as well.

Paradise Teochew Vivo City
Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-53 Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours:
Monday- Friday
11:00AM – 3:00PM | 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
10:30AM – 3:30PM | 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Tel: +65 6221 0159
Website: https://www.paradisegp.com/

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