[SG EATS] Subrosa Private Dining At Jalan Besar | Singapore

[SG EATS] Subrosa Private Dining At Jalan Besar | Singapore (CLOSED)

With the recent private dining food trend evolving in Singapore, Subrosa located at Jalan Besar has joined. The difference between Subrosa and the others’ private dining is that it allows exclusive and private dining experience in a restaurant instead of home.
Subrosa Private Dining is only available by reservations via their website at http://subrosa.com.sg/ ,or contact sales@subrosa.com.sg & contact : +65 6610 0555. And it is advisable to make reservation 48 hours before. The reason being is that Chef Steven Snowdon and Chef Francis Lee will visit the local wet markets and outsource for the freshest ingredients for the preparation. They also need to ensure the suppliers are able to deliver the good and fresh seafood and many more.
Note: Diners can also opt for dining room at level 2 available exclusively for group booking with a minimum spending of S$1,000.00.

I was invited for a dinner tasting session and tried the S$108.00++ per pax 5-course menu on that day.
Subrosa Private Dining-Artisanal Bread
The meal began with the artisanal bread served with freshly made truffle butter. The service staff will come with a basket of breads and you get to choose your own bread.
Subrosa Private Dining-Fresh is Best -Appertizer
Next, we have the appetizer, Fresh is Best. It is served with scallops, fermented melon, cucumber, dill, lemon and smoked trout roe. Refreshing with bits of tangy flavour which compliments the scallops cured with sea salt from England.

Subrosa Private Dining- Jalan Besar
Subrosa Private Dining-The Cocktail
The Cocktail for the next appetizer served includes the crab and aerated shrimp. Since there are both crustaceans, the flavours are sweet and umami. My sister’s favourite of the night.

Subrosa Private Dining- Quacking Cod
Subrosa Private Dining- Quacking Cod-1
Quaking Cod That– the dish inspired from the steamed fish in Chinese way of cooking. Chef Steven uses cod fish, nori (seaweed), shimeji mushrooms and ginger for the east meets west touch. And quaking here refers to the sauce. Chef Steven explained that he uses duck consommé instead of soy sauce and this preparation requires a lot of process and time.

Subrosa Private Dining- Jalan Besar-Hokkien Mee
Moving on, we have the ‘atas’ Hokkien Mee. I was expecting for fine dining portion but it came out quite a generous portion. Indeed a luxe version of local dish with lobster meats serving to complete the dish. The staff will pour the broth upon serving the dish to enhance the flavours of the noodles. The rich broth was prepared for hours and using the fine ingredients to retain its flavour.
Subrosa Private Dining-Wagyu
I was quite full after the Hokkien Mee but there is one more savoury dish to go. “Who Niu” dish that served with slab of wagyu beef along with foie gras and vegetable puree. Tender and juicy beef texure and the intense flavour from the foie gras are equally delicious.
Subrosa Private Dining-Tropical passion dessert
Finally, we had Tropical Passion for our dessert. This dessert platter comes with coconut, lime, passionfruit and mango sorbet. Every single component tasted sweet, light and helps to cleanse the palate right after both heavy mains earlier on.
Subrosa Private Dining- Jalan Besar-1
It was a pleasant dining experience with Subrosa Private Dining that night. Both Chef Steven and Chef Francis are very friendly and they explained almost every single dish served on the table to us. I personally think it was a nice gesture and also to educate diners about the preparation of the dishes and as well as the food knowledge.

And it is available in 5 and 7 course menus for lunch and dinner. Price starts from S$108.00 for 5 course menu to S$148.00 for 7 course menu. The price for dinner will be varied so please confirm your pricing when you make your reservation.

Subrosa Private Dining
Address: 369 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208997
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00AM – 00:00
Website: https://www.subrosa.com.sg/

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