[SG EATS] Pince & Pints Restaurant And Bar – More Than Just Lobster Roll

[SG EATS] Pince & Pints Restaurant And Bar – More Than Just Lobster Roll

Pince & Pints located at Duxton Road is well-known with its premium live lobsters and lobster rolls since 2014. It has been years since my last visit and I am glad to be back to check out their new crab-tivating dishes. Available from 25 March 2019 onwards, the restaurant and bar is pleased to introduce FIVE all-new crab dishes exclusively at its Duxton Road outlet.Pince & Pints Duxton Road
We kick start the night with Crispy Soy Chicken Wing S$12.00++ for 6 pieces. This is inspired by Korean-style fried chicken and coated with an umami blend of soy sauce, Korean chilli powder and garlic. Surprisingly, the spicy level is mild and sweetness in it.
Pince & Pints Duxton Road-Crispy Soy Sauce Chicken

Whole Grilled Crab S$55.00++ approx 500-600g
Pince & Pints Duxton Road-Whole Grilled Crab
Crab is brushed with a light coat of butter, before it is grilled to mix of sweetness and char. And dissecting just before grilling ensures that the natural sweet juice of the crab is retained. This is complete with golden crispy straight cut fries, creamy butter sauce and chef’s salad. I would suggest ordering this if you are a crab lover. You can’t have it at many places in Singapore and this is good.

Whole Steamed Crab in Egg White S$55.00++ approx 500-600g
Pince & Pints Duxton Road-Whole Steamed Crab
This reminds me of zi char style which is quite similar. This dish is prepared Cantonese-style and served with fragrant jasmine rice. Start of with a mouthful of the ivory white steamed egg that is infused with crab essence before you attack the crab.

Whole Chilli Crab S$58.00++ approx 500-600g
Pince & Pints Duxton Road-Whole Chilli Crab
All-time favourite sauce made from a blend of homemade chilli paste and tomato sauce. Thus, this explains the tangy, sweet and spicy flavours after taste. Dip it with mantou is a must I would say.

Crabmeat Fried Rice S$18.00++
Pince & Pints Duxton Road-Crab meat fried rice
‘Wok-hei’ crabmeat fried rice with firm grains evenly cooked with egg along with fresh crabmeat chunks. It is served with a fiery house made chilli oil, which is a must have condiments to go with the fried rice. It is superb shiok!

Nyonya Chilli Lobster Roll S$58.00++
Pince & Pints Duxton Road-Nyonya lobster roll
Pince & Pints Duxton Road-Nyonya lobster roll-1
Buttery brioche rolls with generous amount of meat from a whole live lobster that is well-mixed in the house-special sauce along with straight-cut fries and chef’s salad. There are options for classic and truffle flavours too.

Apart from the tasting dishes, new starters include Truffle Mushrrom Soup, Nyonya Chilli Tiger Prawns, Ribeye Steak and classic Surf & Turf are available. There is also the Whole Black Pepper Crab ( S$58.00++ approx 500-600g) for alternative choice.

Nice to be back here again checking out the new dishes and I still think their signature classic lobster roll is one of the best in town. And of course, be adventurous to try their crab dishes that may give u a different experience here in Pince & Pints.

Pince & Pints
Address: 32-33 Duxton Road
Singapore 089496
Tel: +65 6225 7558
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 12:00PM – 2:30PM | 5:30PM – 11:00PM
Saturday & Public Holiday 12:00PM – 11:00PM
(Closed on Sundays)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinceandpints/

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