[SG EATS] Frieda Restaurant- German Restaurant At Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski Singapore

[SG EATS] Frieda Restaurant- German Restaurant At Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski Singapore

Frieda Restaurant at Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski is a new German restaurant named after the only daughter of hotel founder Berthold Kempinski and wife Helene. It is the manifestation of Frieda’s own welcoming spirit of warmth and charm. Frieda is spread across three sections which are Frieda’s Day Bar, Frieda’s Dining Room and Frieda’s Garden.
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-1
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-2
Frieda Restaurant and Bar
I was invited for the dinner tasting session to check out their menu. You can have the full menu from their website here.

Oven Roasted Pork Knuckle S$39.00++
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-Pork Knuckle
This dish is prepared with the oldest recipes of Germany. It uses whole free-range Australian pork hind leg knuckle washed in an ice-bath for no less than 2 hours. It is then slow-cooked in an aromatic pork stock with bay leaves, peppercorns, cloves, juniper berries, garlic and onion for three hours before its skin is removed and backed in the oven. The dish is complete with pretzel dumplings, house made sauerkraut and jus. And of course best for 2-3 people sharing. I enjoyed the crispy skin and it would be better if more sauces are provided.
Note: This dish requires 30 minutes preparation time.

Platter of Grilled Sausages and Meatloaf S$54.00++ for 2 pax/ S$105.00++ for 4 pax
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-Grilled Sausage Platter
Group sharing platter that comes with grilled sausages, meatloaf, Sauerkraut mashed potato, pretzel dumpling and Dijon mustard.

Veal Wiener Schnitzel S$37.00++
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-3
Veal wiener schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish that served with potato salad, refreshing gurkensalat of thinly sliced cucumber, sour cream and aromatic dill and parsley. There are options to choose from either pork or chicken. I preferred the pork over the chicken but some of them prefer the chicken over the pork. So, taste is subjective but one thing for sure that schnitzel is pan-fried to light and crisp golden-brown skin with tender and moist in the inside.

Pretzel Dumplings with Creamy Mushroom Ragout and Spring Onions S$26.00++
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-Pretzel Dumplings and Mushroom Ragouts
For vegetarian option, diners can opt for this dish to try.

Poached Wagyu Beef Brisket S$35.00++
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-Poached Wagyu Beef
Poached wagyu beef served with horseradish cream sauce, parsley potatoes and beetroot salad is cooked at 72 degrees for over 24 hours. Thus, this explains the tenderness of the meat.

Pancake Bismarck S$12.00++
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-German Pancake
I enjoyed this pancake Bismarck with icing sugar and mixed berries compote. German pancake with the mixed berries makes a tasty combo.

Semolina Pudding S$12.00++
Frieda Restaurant and Bar-Semolina Pudding
Semolina pudding with sour cherry compote and pastry dough crumble is rather interesting. It is Frieda’s signature dessert. This dessert is a porridge-type pudding cooked with milk. Simple yet taste yummy!

Frieda Restaurant and Bar
Address: Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski
Unit 01-87, 01-K1-K2,15
Stamford Road
Singapore 178906
Tel: +65 6715 6873
Opening Hours: Daily
Lunch 12:00PM – 3:00PM
Dinner 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Website: https://www.kempinski.com/en/singapore/the-capitol-singapore/dining/frieda/
Email: frieda.singapore@kempinski.com

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