[SG EATS] Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro ( 四川飯店 ) – Two Michelin Star Restaurant At Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore

[SG EATS] Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro ( 四川飯店 ) – Two Michelin Star Restaurant At Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore

Shisen Hanten by Chen Kentaro located at 35th floor of Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore is the first overseas branch of the restaurant chain outside of Japan. Chef Chen Kentaro is the third generation to continue his family legacy and introduce Japan’s best loved Szechwan restaurant in Singapore. Read about the history here.

The restaurant has a grand interior setting with multiple hanging chandeliers to greet you. And if you would like to have a city view while dining here with them, be sure that you make your reservation request earlier.
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Moving on are the dishes I tried during the hosted dinner session the other day.
Shisen Hanten Five Signature Appetisers S$24.00++ per pax
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Foie Gras Chawanmushi with Crab Roe Soup S$36.00++ per pax
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Chef Chen Kentaro’s signature soup prepared using Foie Gras that is blended into the Japanese egg custard, shredded crab meats and crab roe in it. The soup is extremely rich and decadent. I will definitely order this for my next visit here. Simply satisfying and heart warming soup.

Sauteed Chicken and Chilli Pepper S$32.00++ per portion
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Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables with Duo Mushroom and Truffle Oil S$30.00+ per portion
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Fresh vegetables with mushrooms in savoury oyster sauce gravy and fragrant truffle oil. This dish is best paired with a bowl of warm white rice.

Pan-fried Kuroge Wagyu Beef with Ma-la Radish Sauce S$70.00 per pax
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Sumptuous Kuroge Wagyu beef texture with fine grain and excellent fat content is indeed mouthwatering bite. We enjoyed the pan-fried beef dipped with ma-la radish sauce.

Live Fish Wok-Fried with Shishito Pepper
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Diners can opt for East-spotted grouper, Red grouper, Marble goby (Soon hock),Turbot fish or Green wrasse (advance order required) and choose the cooking methods stated in the menu. We had the choice of fish with shishito pepper. I went ‘wow’ when the dish was presented. It looks spicy but surprisingly it is actually not. It has the mild peppery taste and great taste with the freshness of the fish. Do give it a try!

Roasted London Duck S$42.00++ (Half) | S$80.00++ (Full)
Shisen Hanten-mandarin Orchard-7
One of the all-time signature dishes to order here is this well-executed dish with crispy skin and succulent duck meat. Yummy!

Chen’s Mapo Dou Fu S$26.00++ per portion
Shisen Hanten-mandarin Orchard-9
Stir-fried tofu in hot Szechuan pepper-flavoured meat sauce is also a must-order dish here. It has the manageable spiciness and robust flavour that the best way to enjoy it is with a bowl of Hokkaido white warm rice.

Chen’s Original Spicy Dry Noodle S$14.00++ per person
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Shisen Hanten-mandarin Orchard-11
Perfectly cooked dan dan noodles with tune down spice level which suits the local taste. We enjoyed the combination of savoury and sweetness flavour from minced meat and Szechuan numbing pepper.

Coconut Fantasy S$38.00++
Shisen Hanten-mandarin Orchard-12
Shisen Hanten-mandarin Orchard-13
Almond pudding and bird’s nest served in young coconut

Double-boiled superior bird’s nest with rock sugar S$78.00++
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We ended our dinner with nourishing and sweet desserts. The dishes served were Japanese’s interpretation of Sze Chuan food. My friend and I enjoyed throughout the session and leaving with full stomach. I will be back for my favourite dishes when I have special occasion as the ala carte dishes pricing are quite steep. But I would find one day to check out the affordable all-new weekend brunch priced at S$50.00 per pax. You can also check out their on-going promotion from their official website.

Shisen Hanten
Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Address: Level 35 Orchard Wing,
333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Tel: +65 6831 6262 / 6266
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday
Lunch 12:00PM – 3:00PM
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday
Lunch 11:00AM – 2:45PM
Dinner 6:00PM – 10:00PM (Daily)
Website: http://www.shisenhanten.com.sg/

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