[SG EATS] Nipong Naepong At 313 Somerset – Singapore Exclusive Iron-Plate Rice Series

Nipong Naepong is literally translated as ‘your ppong, my ppong’, where ‘ppong’ refers to jjamppong; the brand’s core product. The brand is Singapore’s first Jjamppong specialty restaurant and a Korean fusion franchise brought into Singapore by the folks of Chir Chir, Massizim and their upcoming new franchise other than Korean franchise- Restoran Kota Zheng Zong (Bak Kut Teh) from Malaysia.Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -1
So back to Nipong Naepong, the restaurant has expanded their menu since 11 October.We are here to check out their new offerings including the Iron-Plate Rice series, which is created exclusively for Singapore.

The Iron-Plate Rice series is inspired by ‘hansang’, a Korean term that means ‘a table with a full meal’. Each set is served on a customised wooden platter with a hotplate accompanied by condiments and side dishes. The name of each dish in this series references a region or landmark in South Korea.

Chuncheon Dakgalbi Iron-Plate Rice S$14.90++
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -Chuncheon Dakgalbi Iron-Plate Rice
This set featuring spicy stir-fried chicken chunks, a jumbo-sized seaweed, pickled radish and ebiko (shrimp roe) rice ball, and a puddle of molten mozzarella. Sides include tortilla, sour cream and kimchi. There are several ways to savour the dish including roll the chicken chunks in melted cheese and eat separately with the rice, break the rice ball apart and mix together with the chicken and cheese or place the chicken,cheese and rice in tortilla with sour cream and kimchi in the tortilla and enjoy as mini wraps. My favourite way of eating it is to mixed all together to enjoy it. The taste will be flavourful and the cheese coated all over the rice evenly. Shiok!

Seoul Bulgogi Iron-Plate Rice S$14.90++
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -Seoul Bulgogi Iron-Plate Rice
This set is surrounded by a moat of soft-set egg omelette and ebiko with steamed rice topped with ribbons of sweet-and-savoury bulgogi beef slices and leek. Sides include kimchi, pickled radish, ssamjang (spicy fermented soyabean sauce), and fresh lettuce. You can assemble your own version of wraps like Korean-BBQ style.

Jeju Spicy Pork Iron-Plate Rice S$14.90++
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -Jeju Spicy Pork Iron-Plate Rice
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -Jeju Spicy Pork Iron-Plate Rice -1
Stir-fried slices of fatty pork belly, leek, crushed seaweed and rice seasoned with furikake. Give a good mix of all the ingredients on the hotplate and wrap in fresh lettuce with pickled radish, kimchi and ssamjang. I think the seaweed makes everything taste good. My second favourite dish of the night.

Hallasan Volcano Iron-Plate Rice S$14.90++
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset-Hallasan Volcano Iron-Plate Rice
Spicy version seaweed and radish rice ball topped with ebiko and lashings of mayonnaise. The volcano is complete with a ‘lava’ of spicy minced pork sauce that is poured over the top of the rice ball. Sides include the kimchi, radish and spring onion. As usual, give a good mix before you tuck in. Although it stated spicy, I think the spiciness level is still manageable after a good mix of all the ingredients. At least it is bearable for me who has low tolerance of spicy stuffs.

Jjajangmyeon S$13.90++
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -Jjajangmyeon
Black bean noodles are another staple food for Koreans and also one of my favourite Korean dish. Nipong Naepong’s take entails jjolmyeon topped with minced pork and black bean sauce, diced onion, quail eggs, sesame seeds and strips of fresh cucumber.

Mala Ppong- Dry ( Pork/Beef ) S$15.90++
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -Mala Ppong- Dry
Fans of mala can check out their dry version, where beef or pork belly slices, shimeji mushrooms and cabbage are wok-fried in Nipong Naepong’s Chinese mala paste, then tossed together with jjolmyeon. The dish tasted fiery, smoky with biting heat that will leave taste buds tingling. So, don’t play play hor!

Mala Ppong-Soup (Pork/ Beef) S$17.90++
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset -Mala Ppong- Soup
The mala soup version comes with jjolmyeon, sliced beef or pork belly, quail eggs, tofu, and shimeji mushrooms in spicy, tongue-numbing soup. I personally feel that the dry version is much fierier as compared to the soupy version. Go try and tell me which one is fiery.

Melon Yoghurt Ade S$13.90++ (1 litre)
Nipong Naepong 313 Somerset-Melon Yoghurt Ade
A refreshing blend of yoghurt, honeydew and ice made especially ideal as a foil against hot soups and spicy food. The jug is topped off with a honeydew Popsicle that enriches the flavour of the icy beverage as it melts. Not too sweet and it helps especially after all the rich and strong flavours from the savoury dishes.

In summary, Nipong Naepong is suitable for students and friends gathering for the affordable Korean meal pricing. The portion served is quite generous for the price they offered. The set meals would likely attract the young generations for its creative way of presenting and also the options available in the menu.

Nipong Naepong
Address: #B3-03 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Tel:+65 6509 8364
Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Friday – Saturday 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Address: #01-16 JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
Tel: +65 6816 8061
Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 11:00AM – 09:30PM
Friday – Saturday 11:00AM – 10:00PM
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NipongNaepongSingapore/

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