[SG EATS] MAI 舞 by Dashi Master Marusaya – Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant Launches Signature Sushi & Dashi Omakase At S$88.00++

[SG EATS] MAI 舞 by Dashi Master Marusaya – Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant Launches Signature Sushi & Dashi Omakase At S$88.00++

MAI 舞 by Dashi Master Marusaya located within a walking distance from Outram MRT Station is a fine Japanese dining restaurant at Bukit Pasoh Road. The company, Marusaya is a Katsuobushi purveyor which specialises in a 2-year-old mysterious ingredient and is widely used in Japanese cooking. Hence, naturally the restaurant uses premium Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) as key element in the menu including traditional Japanese produce and locally sourced ingredients to create the dishes.

I missed their opening session last year but thankful that I am finally here to check out their recent launch- Signature Sushi & Dashi Omakase priced at S$88.00++ per pax, with a minimum of two diners. The best part is that this omakase is available all-day, including weekends and dinner.

The Omakase set includes 2 appertizers, Sashimi, Japanese omelette (tamago), Seasonal Fish Dish,Meat Dish, Sunomono, Sushi, miso soup and dessert.We started with spring dish/ appertizer- Hotaru Ika (Firefly Squid) , a seasonal ingredient with Japanese Kai Lan and Katsuobushi.

Next, we had the Black Sesame Tofu topped with Ikura (Salmon Roe) in Dashi Stock. The dashi stock is prepared with soya sauce, mirin and dashi.

As for the sashimi , we had fresh Spanish Mackerel, Chutoro, Kinmedai (Splendid Alfonsino) and garnished with wasabi flower.

We moved on to Tamago served in dashi stock topped with Katsuobushi ( dried fish prepared from fermented and smoked skipjack tuna) for smoky savoury taste and it is a great accent for Japanese dishes.

We also had Hokkaido Kegani (Hairy Crab) with Sweet Vinegar Sauce and Sakura Ebi with Japanese Leek (Ashitaba) with Matcha Salt and Japanese Lime.

I also enjoyed the Wagyu with Bamboo Shoot and Bell Pepper in Sukiyaki sauce, which is a spring dish. The wagyu served in cube size was tender and umami in flavour.

The omakase also includes sushi as shown in the picture. 1- Otoro (Tuna Belly) Temaki ,
2- Wild Fresh Tai (Red Snapper) topped with Tai Liver,
3- Aburi Otoro and Marinated Maguro
4- Hokkaido Hotate (Scallop) topped with Hokkaido Uni (Sea Urchin),
5- Unagi Sushi
6- Maki with Cucumber, Japanese Pickles, Chopped Tuna and Aburi Otoro topped with Ikura and Uni.

Lastly, we had miso soup before they serve the dessert to end the session.

Our dessert of the day was Daifuku Mochi (Mochi stuffed with Strawberry).

Dining omakase means being face-to-face with the chef and there is an interaction between the chef and diner. The ched will gauge the reaction and help guide toward the best possible experience. It was a pleasure dining experience and there were interaction with chef and also better understanding on the dishes we had throughout the session. Also, the sushi rice here is specially prepared by chef as he added in their Signature dashi into the Japanese rice to contribute the umami flavour and taste. For the price offer, I personally think is quite a steal considering the premium ingredients served on the table. I would suggest that you should make your reservation before you go down and also state your dietary restriction. The chef will prepare according to your preference to ensure a pleasant omakase dining experience.

MAI 舞 by Dashi Master Marusaya
Address: 46 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089858 (Nearest MRT Outram Park)
Tel: +65 6327 8414
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 12:00PM – 2:30PM | 6:00PM-11:00PM
Website: https://www.bitejapan.sg/mai-en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mai.by.marusaya/
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