[SG EATS] Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant At Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium- Nostalgia Themed Menu

The last visit to Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant was in year 2017 and glad to be back here again for dinner. My sisters and I were having a weekend staycation over the weekend decided to have our dinner here.They recently launched a nostalgia themed menu which is available now till 20 April 2020. For other promotional offers, click here for more information.

Here are the dishes we had that night:

Braised Assorted Mushrooms wrapped in beancurd skin S$22.00++A good mixture of assorted ingredients wrapped in beancurd skin suitable for 3-4 pax sharing.

Stewed Chicken with ginger, spring onions in Clam Sauce S$26.00++Tasty flavoured stewed chicken with ginger, spring onions in aromatic clam sauce served pipping hot in claypot. This is best to go with a bowl of white rice.

Stir-fried Egg White with Crab Meat S$28.00++Thumbs up for this dish and we all enjoyed it very much. Creamy texture of the egg white and crab meat adds in the sweetness and flavour to the taste. This is one of the Chinese-style of cooking crab meat.

Sauteed Prawns with stuffed vegetables & ham S$32.00++

Deep-fried Yam Ring with Prawns and Scallops S$36.00++Deep-fried mashed yam with earthy-sweet flavour paired with prawns, scallops and cashew nuts.

Braised Mable Goby with Roast Pork, Beancurd Sheet, Bamboo Shoot and Garlic S$10.00++ per 100gMarble goby is a freshwater fish known for its smooth texture and layering meat. It is braised and serves with roast pork, beancurd sheet, bamboo shoot and garlic. This savoury dish is best to complement with a bowl of white rice. Shiok!

All dishes here are prepared ideally for 3-4 pax. Thus, I would suggest going in a group of 4 to enjoy the delicacy dishes here. The service crews are friendly and approachable and they constantly checking on the customers. And the dishes are served within 20minutes time. We had a pleasant dining experience here just like I had back then. Kudos on maintaining the food quality and consistency!

Note: Due to the Covid-19 situation, there is a change on the operating hours. Please check the official website before heading down to the restaurant to avoid any disappointment.

Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium Hotel
Address: 317 Outram Road
Singapore 169075
Website: https://singaporeatrium.holidayinn.com/

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