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Even though the Circuit Breaker ends in 2 June, Singaporeans and local residents in Singapore will go through Phase 1 where we are still not allow to dine out. Thus, stay home to cook meals and occasional food delivery services are like a routine thing now. So if you are craving for crab feasts, why not check out 8 Crabs. They are under parent company Eight Foods Pte Ltd that specializes in the imported live seafood. This explains why they are able to provide fresh crabs at a fixed rate.

What so special about 8 Crabs’s Crabs?
Crabs naturally travel about 500m every night and prefer to live
alone. However, crab farmers breed many crabs in a confined space in
order to be profitable. This causes the crabs to get stressed very
easily in captivity as many farms cannot replicate their natural
habitat. When stressed, crabs produce ammonia, which is a sign of decomposition of seafood. Most restaurants purchased farmed crabs because they are cheaper.

As a result, they use highly fragrant gravies to cover up the ammonia smell. 8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. This is graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade. This means that their crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery.To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, flown, prepared and delivered to you within 12 hours.Their award-winning chefs prepare and cook these fresh crabs daily to guarantee the best flavour and taste. They also have a one driver to an order policy across our 12 kitchens island-wide so that they may uphold their promise of One Hour Crab Delivery.

The ordering process is very straightforward. It is just like any other online ordering platform, choose your dishes and proceed to checkout to make payment. You will be given option to choose the delivery date and timing.

Here is the list of the dishes I ordered.
Award-Winning Chilli Crab – Large (1pc) S$68.00
We ordered their signature chilli crab that can feed 3 of us. My sisters and I are small eaters so it is just nice for us. The crab meats were firm, juicy and they are generous with the gravy too. Some may find it diluted but I think it is just nice with the savoury, sweet and slightly spicy. With the leftover gravy, I poured it over the fried rice and it goes very well.

Fried Man Tou (Set of 5) S$6.00This is a must-order dish to dip with the chilli crab gravy. Shiok!

Traditional hotplate Beancurd – S$10.00 (S)

Yang Zhou Fried Rice S$6.00 (S) and Sambal Kang Kong S$10.00 (S)Although I ordered size small for Yang Zhou Fried Rice, I think the portion can feed 2 pax. The sambal kang kong stir-fried with dried shrimp, chilli and mixed spices makes up a delicious spicy and fragrant stir-fried vegetable dish. All you need is a bowl of white rice.

Fu Rong Omelette S$10.00 (S)

Signature Prawn Roll(Ngoh Heong) S$10.00 (S)Overall the other zi char dishes are pretty satisfying too. All the food were packed nicely on the takeaway packaging and delivered to the doorstep in good condition. The foods were still in hot when I received it. Kudos to the team!

Our total order was S$120.00 nett with FREE delivery service. There will be a fee of S$8.00 for island wide delivery if your order is below S$120.00.This whole meal can serve up to 4 pax even though I ordered size small. I think the price is quite affordable and there is a wide range of dishes to choose for everyone.

For orders, you can visit them at https://8crabs.com/

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