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Strait Place 1819 located at VivoCity Mall is a new concept by d’Good Cafe. The inspiration comes from Singapore’s food culture with hawker fare. The name “Strait Place 1819” represents an amalgamation of something old and something new. 1819 marks the birth of modern Singapore.
Strait Place 1819 Vivocity Singapore
I was here over the weekend courtesy of Alchemy Foods and Strait Place 1819 to check out their collaboration dishes. The menu here offers modern interpretations of Singapore’s favourites while meeting some dietary restrictions. Along with gluten-free options, they also offer healthier versions of carb-based dishes that are high in prebiotic fibre with the addition of Alchemy Fibre™.

I also get to try some other dishes from the menu and here are the dishes during the visit:
Strait Place 1819 Vivocity Singapore-Carrot Cake
Strait Place Carrot Cake S$10.00
Their rendition of this all-time favourite hawker food offers a contrast in textures. Radish cake is fried with egg in dark soy sauce to a fragrant heap before it is sandwiched between two crispy white radish cakes and topped with cucumber and carrot spaghettoni. And of course their in-house made sambal chili to go with it. Surprisingly, the sambal is not spicy and has a tinge of sweetness element in it.
Strait Place 1819 Vivocity Singapore-Hokkien Mee Alchemy Foods
Lobster & Crab Hokkien Mee S$21.00
Hokkien Mee is also well-known Singapore dish that is cooked with thick yellow noodles and fried with bean sprouts, prawns, eggs, squid and slices of cooked pork. The version here is the stir-fried yellow noodles and vermicelli with soft shell crab, lobster, squids, egg, bean sprouts and pork lard. We called it ‘atas’ hokkien mee because instead of prawns, we have lobster meat here. We enjoyed the crustacean-soaked moistened noodles packed with ingredients and housemade sambal. This dish is also made healthier with the addition of 100% plant-based Alchemy Fibre™. Not to worry as it does not alter the taste of the dish at all.

Strait Place 1819 Vivocity Singapore-Hor Fun
Ribeye & Fish Hor Fun S$21.00
Generous serving of rice noodles with nicely marbled ribeye, toman fish, poached egg, and chye sim dressed in flavourful sauce on a skillet. I would say the fish and meat slices were thick and big as compared to elsewhere. It is totally worth your dollar man.
Strait Place 1819 Vivocity Singapore-Curry Chicken
Singapore Curry Chicken Loaf S$12.00
We had Shibuya Toast before but have you tried Shibuya-style for Curry Chicken? This huge size is only S$12.00 and it comes with crispy bread to dip and enjoy. Just like any curry chicken, it comes with potatoes and chickens in it. Their version is more towards stew-style instead of the usual creamy chicken curry.
Strait Place 1819 Vivocity Singapore-Chicken Rice
Hainanese Chicken Roulade with Foie Gras S$17.50
Tender poached chicken thighs shaped into rolls are accompanied by aromatic and addictive rice, luxurious foie gras, and marinated Japanese cucumber spaghettoni. They also made in-house garlicky chilli and ginger sauce to give a solid kick in flavours. There are options of Fried Chicken or Fried Mid Wings. I would recommend this if you are a chicken rice lover. The chicken roulade is well-executed and I couldn’t stop having it although I was quite full at that point of time. It was juicy, tender and moist. It goes very well with their rice.
Strait Place 1819 Vivocity Singapore-Pu-er Latte
We were too full from the savoury and decided to skip desserts. The menu has quite a wide range of dishes to choose from.I believe you will be spoilt by choices. Plus, the drinks here are quite innovative as well. Drink choices are ranging from coffee, tea and mocktail drinks selection.
You will have an excuse to visit them again because of the varieties they offer here. The price wise is reasonable given the portion served and you have a nice dining spot in the mall.

Strait Place 1819
Address: 1 Harbour Front Walk #02-111
Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 10:00AM-10:00PM
Website: https://www.dgoodcafe.com/

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