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Garang Grill is back in New Ubin Village located at Space @ Tampines.The location is a commercial property along Tampines Industrial Crescent and the building is right opposite IKEA Tampines. It is much easier for those who drives because the place is not conveniently accessible via public transport. The previous Garang Grill was at Swan Lake Avenue in 2017 and announced its closure on 31 December 2019. It is good to seem them back in action again.

Garang Grill is famed for its ability to deliver the intense heat of primal charcoal flames in an enclosed oven or better known for its irresistible char dishes. They use a charcoal grill oven by Spanish brand Mibrasa worth S$16,000 in case if you are wondering. And for this new Garang Grill, their menu focus on choice cuts of meats and grub that does the waistline no favours, cooked with bold charcoal flavours.

Here are some of the dishes we tried during our lunch session:
Garang Meat S$12.00 (5 sticks)
Garang Grill Tampines- Garang Meat
We kick start with the tender juicy chicken on sticks with leek and onions.

Crispy Pork Jowl S$12.00
Garang Grill-Crispy Pork Jowl
The crispy pork jowl meat was sous vide for half a day before it is coated in a special flour mix, deep-fried and finished off in the Mibrasa oven. No wonder the meat tasted tender and juicy. I prefer to have it just the way it is or you can go with the miso gula Melaka dipping sauce for extra flavour.

Chili Crab Rillette S$12.00
Garang Grill-Chili Crab Rillette
New Ubin Seafood’s chilli crab sauce as a spread with exacting ratio of tomato paste and sambal rempah, folded in with crab meat and butter to pair with deep-fried mantous. Definitely a rich, creamy dipping sauce for a starter.

Togarashi Corn S$9.00
Garang Grill Tampines- Togarashi Corn
Roasted pearl corn with house-smoked sea salt with a dash of Japanese togarashi powder. Definitely can taste the char coated on the corn and the flavourful seasonings over it.

Classic Carbonara S$12.00
Garang Grill-Classic Carbonara
Classic Italian dish with a Singapore twist. The carbonara cooked with egg and cubes of house-smoked pork belly and served in a pipping hot claypot. Not the usual way of serving but it does enhanced the flavours of the dish with added crunch to it.

BBQ Pork Belly S$21.00
Garang Grill-BBQ Pork Belly
Flavourful and tender BBQ pork belly served with sweet potato mash and Garang slaw. Beautifully executed and grilled into perfection in terms of presentation and flavours.

Argentina Striploin S$38.00
Garang Grill- Argentina Striploin
Also, not to miss their char-grilled Argentinan striploin served with sweet potato mash and Garang slaw. This is one of the pricier dish using premium grass-fed steak. Nice crispy-charred on the outer and tender in the inside. This is best for sharing portion.

Sticky Date Pudding S$9.00
Garang Grill-Sticky Date Pudding
We ended our meal with a dense cake using red dated and served with house-churned salted caramel ice-cream. It was indeed a good choice of dessert to mark the end of the session. I personally think the sweetness ratio was just nice and enjoy the pairing too.

If the location seems to be far off for you, you can always order for islandwide delivery. They are available for dine-in, takeaway and islandwide delivery. For reservations, please email makan@newubinseafood.com or call +65 9740 6870 or order online via https://online.garanggrill.com.

Garang Grill
Address: 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent #01-16
Singapore 528605
Tel: +65 9740 6870
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30AM – 3:00PM | 5:30PM – 10:00PM
Website: www.newubinseafood.com

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