[SG EATS] Madras New Woodlands Restaurant – Pocket-Friendly Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Little India

[SG EATS] Madras New Woodlands Restaurant – Pocket-Friendly Indian Vegetarian Restaurant in Little India

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant located at Upper Dickson Road has a long history. The restaurant has been around since 1983 based on online reviews. It is a well known Indian Vegetarian Restaurant that serves authentic north and south indian food. We were here on a Saturday morning and there are queues forming up outside the restaurant.Madras New Woodlands Restaurant -Upeer Dickson Road
Madras New Woodlands Restaurant -Upeer Dickson Road-1
This is our first visit and the restaurant is full house all the time. They accept walk-ins and also reservation. Most diners here will eat and go pretty fast rather than sitting down chit chatting like we always do when we dine-in restaurants or cafes.
Madras New Woodlands Restaurant -Menu
Madras New Woodlands Restaurant -Menu Singapore
The menu is pretty simple and clear. There are available in set with affordable pricing.
We ordered the recommended Chole Bhattura S$6.30 and Appam Set S$5.50 along with their Masala Tea S$2.60 for our weekend brunch.
Madras New Woodlands Restaurant -Chana Bhattura
Chloe Bhattura is also known as Chana Bhatura is known as one of the popular Punjabi dish. Chole refers to spiced tangy chickpea curry and Bhatura refers to the soft, fluffy fried bread. The set also comes with vegetarian gravy as well. The bhattura is less oily and puff fully when it served. First time trying the puffy bread and we loved it especially dipping it with the chicken pea curry as compared with the vegetarian curry though.

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant -Appam Set
As for the Appam Set, it is served hot with coconut milk and jaggery (brown sugar). The Appam is a South Indian pancake dish, made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. They usually have it for breakfast. It is consider a sweet nice dessert to end our meal here for us considering the granules of sugar remained on top of the pancake with the coconut milk.
Madras New Woodlands Restaurant -Masala Tea
And of course Masala Tea in an Indian restaurant is a must-order drink.

If you notice, the restaurant serves their dishes on a metal platter or mini metal pots. The tray will lined with a banana leaf to serve with the dishes.

The meals here are pocket-friendly and filling too. No wonder you can see the constant queues forming outside the restaurant. It is a nice place to enjoy a good Indian meal with decent pricing and service.

Madras New Woodlands Restaurant (Vegetarian)
Address: 14 Upper Dickson Road
Singapore 207474
Opening Hours: Daily 9:00AM – 10:30PM
T: +65 62971594
Website: http://www.madrasnewwoodlands.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MadrasNewWoodlandsRestaurant/

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