[SG EATS] HolyCrab Relocated To Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski

HolyCrab has relocated to Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. The restaurant was previously located at Tan Quee Lan Street in 2017 and first began in 2009 as a private dining experience set in owner and chef Elton Seah’s home. With the new location, the restaurant also unveiled an array of new menu mainstays.
Crab lovers can add this in your list for a crab-tivating dining experience with HolyCrab new space and easily accessible via a walking distance from City Hall MRT Station.
HolyCrab Restaurant at Arcade Capitol Kempinski-2
Here are the highlight dishes we tried during our dinner session.
Capricon (Salted Egg Corn) S$15.00
Holy Crab Arcade-Salted Egg Corn
This dish is invented by Chef Elton whose zodiac sign is Capricorn and thus the name of the dish. This addictive dish is incorporated with salted egg yolk sauce that best to go with beer or even topped with fried. Shiok! Every single corn kernel is well coated with savoury salted egg yolk sauce.

Inception (Scotch Egg) S$11.00
Holy Crab Arcade-Scotch Egg
The famous scotch egg that we seen in many places is available here too. But chef took an Asian spin on this classic British scotch egg with his special prawn paste encases the egg.

Cow Pei Cow Bu (Moroccan Wagyu Beef Ribs) S$128.00
Holy Crab Arcade-Cow Pei Cow Bu
The name of this dish caught our attention is a fusion of Asian and Moroccan flavours beef ribs. The beef ribs are rubbed with a dry Middle Eastern blend of paprika, chilli powder, cinnamon, cloves and coriander. Then, the beef is sous vide for 25 hours. Thus, this explains why the meat is fork tender and umami in flavour. Sweet potato fries (not in photo) is served with the beef ribs.

Open Sesame (Roasted Sesame Seed Spring Chicken) – S$28.00(Half) | S$48.00 (Whole)
Holy Crab Arcade-Open Sesame Spring Chicken
The chicken is brined with salt for eight hours and beautifully studded with sesame seed that impart a nutty flavour before roasting for 20 minutes for the final step. The chicken meat texture was moist and tender with a nice aromatic roasted sesame flavour elements in it.

Green Assam Fish S$88.00
Holy Crab Arcade-Green Assam Fish
The fish is cooked in a homemade tamarind green chilli sauce where you can only find it here. This is the family recipe that passed down by the chef’s grandmother. Unlike the usual tamarind sauce, the sweetness after taste lingers around rather than sour taste.And of course the fish is fresh and goes well with the sauce. I would love to have a bowl of white rice to go with it.

Crab Tree S$28.00
Holy Crab Arcade- Crab Tree
This tree of torched broccoli served with a bed of crab meat, garlic, chai poh and velvety sauce resemble a bonsai tree. Beautiful presentation and taste delicious too. The velvety sauce is thick and creamy with the generous ingredients to go with the broccoli. It is like drinking crab bisque in western-style. A comforting dish I would say.

Signature HolyCrab Fried Rice S$16.00
Holy Crab Arcade-Signature HolyCrab Fried Rice
Everyone on the table enjoyed the fried rice that has a smokey aroma and you can taste the wok-hey too. The fried rice is full of eggy goodness. It is even ‘shiok’ to go with their in-house sambal chilli for extra spiciness.

Scorched Vermicelli (Chao Tah Bee Hoon) S$16.00
Holy Crab Arcade-Scorched Vermicelli -Chao Tah Bee Hoon
Not your usual Chao Tah Bee Hoon because their version is full of ingredients like prawn included on the thin flat vermicelli. You get the crusty on the outside and moist in the inside. A flavourful dish to go with some sambal chilli.

Smoking Pot (Chicken Claypot Rice) S$55.00
Holy Crab Arcade-Smoking Pot Chicken Claypot Rice
A perfectly cooked claypot rice will have flavourful of all ingredients and this premium chicken claypot rice comes with pan-seared foie gras. The rice as fragrant and soft and most importantly it does not have the greasy feel after taste. A good mixture with the foie gras elevates the taste profile of this dish. It has the rich umami elements in it. Not your traditional version flavour but a slight twist on the taste profile.

Green Mumba Crab S$90.00/kg
Holy Crab Restaurant-Green Mumba Crab
This is made from 12 different types of ingredients, green chilli padi as well as green chilli. Coriander and mint leaves contribute an herbaceous fragrance to the dish. And not forgetting the fresh Sri Lanka crab meat to complete the whole crab experience here.

oOoOtak Crab S$90.00/kg
Holy Crab Arcade- oOoOtak Crab
This is their new flavour for the crab dish using otak as part of the ingredients. The taste profile resembles Sombon Seafood in Bangkok. Same same but different as the gravy here are thicker, creamier and stronger as a whole. The spicy level is quite a kick too. Spicy and otak lovers can consider to give this a try!

Fried Mantou
Holy Crab Restaurant-Mantou
You can also order their crisp fried mantou to dip with your crab gravy!
HolyCrab Restaurant at Arcade Capitol Kempinski
With the new space located in the cultural district in the heart of Singapore, HolyCrab do offer reasonable pricing with extensive menu apart from crab dishes. Their wok-hei dishes worth to give it a try.

Holy Crab
Address:Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore
13 Stamford Road, #01-85
Singapore 178905
Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 11:30AM-10:30PM
Website: https://www.holycrab.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/holycrab.sg
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/holycrab.sg/

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