[SG EATS] MOONBOW Restaurant At Dempsey Hill

[SG EATS] MOONBOW Restaurant At Dempsey Hill

MOONBOW Restaurant located at Dempsey Hill is opened by Chef Heman Tan and Dylan Soh that specialises in modern European cuisine with an Asian influence. The restaurant has a beautiful main dining hall with an open concept kitchen where diners can have a full view during the dining session here.

Moving on to the dishes we had during the dinner session.
Candy Floss
Moonbow-Candy Floss
We started with complimentary Candy Floss.

Garden of Escargot S$32.00++
Moonbow Restaurant-Garden of Escargot
Savour to the beautiful presentation of the escargot with fresh micro cress, truffle gelato, mashed edamame and mushroom soil as one of our starter. Also, surprise sweetness from the lychee pearls representing raindrops.

Moonbow Oyster Bay S$10.00++per pc
Fine de Claire oysters served with oyster leaves, yuzu gel and cucumber pearl for a refreshing start of the meal.

Jerusalem Artichoke S$25.00++
Moonbow Restaurant-Jerusalem Artichoke
Creamy soup served with C Sous Vide Egg, Caviar and Sunchoke Chips. I enjoyed this comforting, savoury and mild flavour profile soup.

Cauliflower Bloom S$25.00++
Moonbow Restaurant-Cauliflower Bloom
Beautifully plated dish that comes in various forms of cauliflower. Indulge in warm cauliflower floret, dehydrated cauliflower, cauliflower cous cous, cauliflower puree paired with nuts, crumbs, garlic crumbs, cress and hollandaise.

Tomahawk de Swine S$68.00++
Moonbow Restaurant-Tomahawk de Swine
For the main, we tried the untrimmed 4 days aged young pork tomahawk chop served with roasted garlic, caramelised lime and pineapple compote. This is best to share as the BBQ marinated pork chop portion comes meaty and fatty.

Black Silkie Poulet S$38.00++
Moonbow -Black Silkie Poulet
We were quite surprised to see this dish appeared in the menu. This black chicken is usually seen in Chinese restaurant but chef decided to have this in the menu with a fusion twist. The black chicken’s leg is roasted over a BBQ grill and served with garlicky crumb, wolfberry mashed, black garlic puree, ugly heirloom tomatoes and chives.

Chef Heman’s Black Berry 4 Grain Healthy Rice with Roasted Pork Jowl “Ton Toro” S$38.00++
Moonbow Restaurant-Chef Heman 4 Grain Healthy Rice
Chef Heman’s treasured home recipes using healthy 4 different grains- black berry rice, red rice, barley and pearl rice that comes with different textures. This is first created for his diabetic mother. Chef also added Chinese lap Cheong sausages for extra bite and roasted pork jowl to complete the dish.

Fermented Red Yeast Wine S$38.00++
Moonbow Restaurant-Fermented Red Yeast Wine
Fermented red glutinous rice wine and oyster mushroom served with barramundi fillet. Interesting mix with a fusion twist creation that I wouldn’t mind ordering this again if I am back here.

Treasure Drawer S$32.00++
Moonbow Restaurant-Treasure Drawer
Moonbow Restaurant-Dessert
We round up our dinner with the eye-catching Treasure Drawer that comes in two trays of dessert. The desserts include pistachio chocolate soufflé, mango passion mousse, financier raspberry, orange granite, yuzu star anise pate fruit, petite apple crumble tartlets and truffle cheese macaron.

Address: Block 10 Dempsey Road
Singapore 247700
Tel: +65 90102717
Opening Hours:
Monday -Friday 11:30AM – 3:00PM | 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Saturday-Sunday 10:00AM -3:00PM| 6:00PM – 10:30PM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/moonbow.sg/
Website: https://moonbow.sg/

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