[SG EATS] Highlights from Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s Umami Eel Creations For This April 2021

[SG EATS] Highlights from Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s Umami Eel Creations For This April 2021

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant is launching its Umami Eel Creations Menu from 1 to 30 April 2021. Instead of your usual take on eel in Japanese cuisine, you can enjoy this treasured delicacy found in traditional Chinese cuisine in China. It is also a superfood that is high in vitamins and other nutrients with health benefits. For the month of April, there will be a menu of eel-centric dishes (using salt water white eel and fresh water yellow eel), accentuated with aged-old Cantonese recipes and bespoke Cantonese cooking methods.Here are the eel dishes to expect from the upcoming menu.
Steamed Whole White Eel with Black Garlic Sauce, Fried Garlic and Spring Onion S$12.00++ per 100gmSavoury firm-fleshed white fish with fermented bean paste sauce that gives the umami flavour to the dish. The crispy and crunchy fried garlic on top of the fish gives the flavour-boosting to the overall taste.

Poached White Eel with Premium Chinese Wine in Superior Soup S$58.00++ per portionSmooth and light soup with well balanced savoury sweet of the poached white eel. And not forgetting the subtle underlying aromatic Chinese wine in it. It was my favourite of the night.

Braised White Eel with Abalone Sauce and Fish Paste Skin S$68.00++ per portionBraised white eel served with rich and luscious abalone taste along the light, crispy and smooth round ball fish paste skin.

Wok-fried Yellow Eel with Garlic & Mao Tai Chinese Wine S$35.00++ per servingThe wok-fried yellow eel is served in a hot stone. Standby your camera to capture the split second of flaming action when the crew pour over the Mao Tai Chinese Wine followed by a good mixture before serving you. The skin of the eel crisped up a little in the heat, which every bite of the eel taste more detectable.

Other dishes include Braised Yellow Eel with Morel Mushroom S$25.00++ per serving, Crispy Yellow Eel with Szechuan Honey Sauce S$25.00++ per serving and Wok-fried Yellow Eel with Black Bean Sauce in Stone Pot S$28.00++ per serving.

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