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Sen-ryo Singapore is brought in by Maxim’s Caterers, the HK-based F&B group that manage Genki Sushi chain here. The brand is established in Japan in 1999 and well-known for exceptional authentic Japanese cuisine that is masterfully crafted by a team of shokunin (artisan chefs) and uses only quality ingredients imported from Toyosu Fish Market and around the world.

Credit: Press Release
Credit: Press Release

As you walk into the restaurant, you will be invited to the Sake Bar corner, decked in a myriad of exquisite sake and shochu from Japan.

Credit: Press Release

Moving on situated alongside the sake bar is the lively sushi and grill counter where diners can witness the skilled team of shokunin (artisan chefs) in action.

Credit: Press Release

There are cosy private rooms available as well. Having said that, we are seated at one of the private room for the dinner session. Here are some of the dishes we tried:
Sen-ryo Tamagoyaki with Mentaiko Sauce S$2.80
Sen-ryo Tamagoyaki with Mentaiko Sauce
We kick start with the freshly made daily in-house fluffy and sweet traditional Japanese omelette and branded with its logo , topped with their signature torched pure mentaiko that is salty with a hint of spice.

Soft Shell Crab and Mango Nama Haru Maki S$16.80
Sen-ryo-Soft Shell Crab and Mango Nama Haru Maki
This refreshing maki is available exclusively in Singapore. It features fresh slices of mango, onion strips, lettuce , deep-fried soft shell crab wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper. Be sure to dip the roll into a spicy, sweet and tangy sauce made with mango puree. It gives u the hint of spiciness after taste.

DIY Hokkaido Uni S$58.00
Sen-ryo Japanese Restaurant Ion Orchard-DIY Hokkaido UniUni lovers can indulge in DIY Hokkaido Uni set that comprises generous half-board of premium uni from Hokkaido with fresh sushi rice, ikura (salmon roe), Japanese cucumber strips and sheets of roasted seaweed. Diners can have fun wrap your own maki (roll) with your preferred choice and amount of ingredients to create your very own umami bite. And I love this DIY part. Look at how beautiful it is! Yummy!

Shokunin Sushi
Sen-ryo Japanese Restaurant Ion Orchard-Shokunin Sushi
Another highlight for sushi lovers is the Shokunin Sushi series , an exquisite selection of sushi that exemplifies the restaurant’s inventive handcrafted creations, and features delights such as the signature sen-ryo Sushi S$8.80 (an indulgent combination of uni, negitoro and ikura atop premium sushi rice) and Maguro (Akami) with Shio Koji Negitoro S$6.80 ( a slice of melt-in-the-mouth tuna topped with a dollop of minced fatty tuna seasoned with fermented salt seasoning.

Grilled Chicken Thigh in Charcoal Style Sauce S$7.80
Sen-ryo-Grilled Chicken Thigh in Charcoal Style Sauce
For grilled dishes, this dish features a specially imported charcoal infused sumiyaki sauce.Nicely grilled juicy meat on high heat and well-seasoned chicken best to pair with sake or beer.

Grilled US Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras S$28.00
Sen-ryo Japanese-Grilled US Beef Tenderloin and Foie Gras
Tender sliced beef tenderloin grilled to an aromatic char served with two generous slabs of foie gras on a bed of sliced onions. Special mention that the flavourful sauce made with the juices of the meat, mirin and black pepper. Be sure to enjoy with sake!

Kaisen Dobin Mushi S$6.80
Sen-ryo Japanese-Donbi mushi
Those who enjoy light and savoury seafood broth, you can try the Kaisen Dobin Mushi that is served in a teapot brimming with scallops, prawns, clams and shimeji mushrooms. The broth is made with red snapper dashi, the clear soup is light and you get the sweetness from the fresh seafood and a touch of lime before consuming.

Kaisen Soy Nabe S$32.00
Sen-ryo-Kaisen Soy Nabe
Nabe is always a good choice anytime of the day and this tasty Kaisen Soy Nabe is exclusively in Singapore. The bowl of goodness consists of unique milky base made with Japanese soy milk and dashi, King Snow Crab legs, huge scallops, chewy Kuzukiri noodles ( transparent gelatinous noodles made with water and kuzu starch), carrots, vegetables and shiitake mushrooms. With the soy milk in the broth, the taste is naturally sweet and creamy. Adding in all the ingredients into the broth makes a well-rounded savory hotpot.

Mizu Warabi Mochi S$5.80
Sen-ryo-Mizu Warabi Mochi
Jiggly clear jelly ‘mochi’ served with roasted soybean powder and black sugar syrup that was once went viral years back. Be sure to do the boomerang video for your Instagram story!

Cream Catalan with Mixed Berries S$9.80
Sen-ryo-Cream Catalan with Mixed Berries
Catalan Cream is very similar to the French crème brûlée but there are some distinct differences. Catalan cream has the velvety custard, glossy and silken texture served with fresh berries. It is indeed a lavish flavour that I will order on my next visit. Loving it!

Overall, the food here is fresh and umami in flavour. Pricing wise is pocket-friendly I would say considering the premium ingredients used and also the location of the restaurant. This also what the restaurant set to impress diners in Singapore to deliver affordable -luxury at its best.

From 2 to 30 April 2021, diners can enjoy 5% off total net bill when they flash the promotional post on sen-ryo’s Facebook or Instagram.

Address: ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn ,#03-14
Singapore 238801
Opening Hours: Daily 11:30AM-10:30PM
Reservations: 6974 6782
Facebook: www.facebook.com/senryosing

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