[SG EATS] Qi Xiang Hot Pot At The Chevrons- Same Team from Popular Chicken Pot In Kovan Opens Till 3AM

Qi Xiang Hot Pot at The Chevrons is the same team from Qi Xiang Chicken Pot in Kovan. They are known for its unique beer-infused chicken pots. For this new hotpot restaurant, they uses traditional claypots with yuan yang claypot options. The best part is that it is open till 3am daily. Time for late night supper!
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons Singapore
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons Singapore-1
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Broth Base
There are 4 types of broth base to choose from including:
1. Signature Broth S$31.90 for full or S$24.90 half pot
2. Pumpkin Soup S$29.90 for full or half pot
3. Green Pepper Sauerkraut Dory Fish Pot S$37.90 for full pot or S$20.80 for half pot
4. Qi Xiang Hotpot’s Famed Boiled Chicken S$9.90 for half chicken or quarter thigh meat options, S$15.90 for whole chicken.
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Signature broth with chicken meat
The staff recommended us to try Signature Broth and Pumpkin Soup. We heed the advice and chose the recommended base. We had the Signature Broth with added boiled chicken into it. As for the Pumpkin soup, it takes more than 5 hours to be ready and is said to be rich in chicken and pork collagen. The broth tasted rich, creamy and sweetness in it.

They also let us try a small bowl of Green Pepper Sauerkraut Dory Fish broth. The broth cooked with herbaceous peppercorns, ginger, sour mustard leaves, and laced with chili oil. We liked this version that gives a nice punch in flavour and peppercorn aroma. It is quite appetizing too.
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Meat
There are over 80 delectable hotpot ingredients in the menu such as premium meat like Australian Wagyu Beef ( S$49.90 for full portion, S$24,90 for half portion) , Seafood Items, Vegetables and Mushrooms. Here are some of the ingredients we had during the hotpot session.
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Wagyu Beef
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Hotpot ingredients-1
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Hotpot ingredients
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Mushroom

Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Homemade XO Carrot Cake
As for cooked food, we tried the improvised version of XO Homemade Carrot Cake S$10.90, Smoked Infused Duck Breast Braised in Szechuan Sauce S$22.90, Prawn Pizza S$9.90. The carrot cake is simply addictive with crispy morsel and crispy egg bits, beansprouts and spring onions. And of course the XO sauce to finish off.
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Smoked Infused Braised Duck
The Smoked Infused Duck Breast Braised in Szechuan Sauce has been R&D for 8 months before they finalized and served in the menu. The dish is prepared with braised, sous-vide, then tea smoked with house-made Szechuan sauce. Thus, this explains why each slice are succulent tender and umami in flavour.
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Prawn Pizza
As for the Prawn Pizza, well-executed and you can taste the bits of the prawns in it.
Qixiang Hotpot The Chevrons-Sauces in trolley
With S$5 per pax, diners can enjoy free-flow drinks, fruits, and condiments. The staff will push the trolley full of condiments’ ingredients to your table for you to pick and choose. It is either you DIY or you get their in-house special chili sauce, which is quite fiery hot. Even my friend who takes spicy can feel the heat.

In conjunction with the new opening, here are the promotions that are currently available:
1. FREE-flow drinks, fruits and condiments at $5 per pax & extended opening hours till 3am daily
2. No service charge from June to August 2021
3. FREE Mee Sua Dish for birthday diners

Qi Xiang Hot Pot
Address: The Chevrons
48 Boon Lay Way
Singapore 609961
Tel: +65 88086730
Opening Hours: Daily 11:00AM-3:00AM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qixiangchickenpot/

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