[SG EATS] YEN Social – Sister Concept of Michelin-rated Yen Yakiniku At DUO Galleria

Yen Social located at DUO Galleria is a stylish sister concept of premium yakiniku restaurant Yen Yakiniku. The restaurant is officially opens on 2 July 2021 that offers a combination of spacious comfort for communal dining, Yen Social Butcher Platters, and wallet-friendly premium cuts. Another special highlight is that the restaurant offers its signature in-house dry-aged Wagyu beef for grilling. It is also Singapore’s first yakiniku to introduce whisky dry-aged Wagyu ribeye, using Kavalan single malt whisky from Taiwan.
Moving on are the dishes we tried during the dinner session.

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Farmer’s Salad S$16.00++Yen Social- Farmer Salad
The salad consists of watermelon, mesclun salad and candied walnuts with oil-based yuzu dressing. What a good start of the meal! Fruity, fresh, crunchy salad with the light yuzu flavour to whet the appetite.

Yukke S$20.00++Yen Social-Yukke
Raw Wagyu beef served with raw egg yolk and Yen BBQ Sauce.It is a raw meat dish in Korean cuisine that resembles a tartare. Poke the egg yolk and give a good mix. The taste of natural sweetness of the meat and it dissolves on the tongue.

YEN Social Butcher Platter 2-3 Pax S$109++ for 300gYen Social- Butcher's Platter
Yen Social- Butcher's Platter Yakiniku
Yen Social- Butcher's Platter Yakiniku-1
The platter meat starts from thin and light, to thick and rich. They comprises thick cut karubi, chuck eye roll, chuck short ribs and Australian Wagyu ribeye. Every single meat has its own beauty in it.
Chuck eye roll have moderate marbling and deep umami and best sliced thin and quickly seared on each side for an enjoyable start to dining.
Karubi are boneless short rib. Juicy and very marbled, with ample aroma and flavour found in the fat. Thick cut karubi are tender and moist, with an ideal of quick grilling.
Karubi intercostal are the ‘rib fingers’ or muscled meat between the ribs. These are quite bouncy and chewy, which is enjoyable for a longer chew. Chef prefers to marinade this cut lightly with sesame and garlic.
Next,ribeye steak that has the iconic cut for yakiniku is known for its juiciness, flavour and marbling. Perfect to grill it to the perfect medium doneness.

30 Days Dry Aged Wagyu Ribeye S$68.00
Yen Social- 30 Days Dry Aged Wagyu Ribeye
Yen Social- 30 Days Dry Aged Wagyu Ribeye-1

Australian ribeye and dry-aged in house is the highlight of the night. With the moisture loss from dry-aging process, the flavour of the beef is further intensified, giving an explosive umami flavour. It was so good that I wish I can have more.

Wagyu Beef Noodle S$25.00++Yen Social- Beef Noodles
The noodle is created and refined by Chef Jones based on his hometown of Taiwan’s signature beef noodles. He uses Japanese Wagyu beef chunks and beef tendons which are slow stewed for 48 hours with daikon and local herbs. This explains the tenderness and easily tore apart texture. The soup is aromatic with soy sauce, garlic, ginger, star anise and more, while the meat is gelatinous with the right ratio of meat and tendon for meltingly tender bites. We enjoyed this bowl made with so much effort and time. The soup itself is light and comforting and delicate taste.

If beef is not your kind, they have seafood and chicken ingredients for you to grill too. Other staple dishes include O-Chazuke, Wagyu Fat-Fried Rice, Yuzu Cold Noodle and Wagyu Curry Rice. As for drinks, they have a list of curated sake, whisky, shochu, wine and Japanese beerts on offer for diners to pair with the meats to complete your dining experience.
Yen Social- Sake 1
Yen Social- Sake
For example, the Sake Flight S$30.00++ for three samplers is highly recommended to discover unique flavours that pair and contrast with food. The service crew will share on the details of each sake when they served for your understanding.

YEN Social
Address: 7 Fraser Street,
Unit #01-25/26 Duo Galleria
Singapore 189356
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 6:00PM – 11:00PM
Tel: +65 8669 6788
Website: https://www.theyengroup.com.sg/yen-social
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yensocial/

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