[SG EATS] Rêve -French & Japanese Flavours Fine Dining Restaurant At Kreta Ayer Road

Rêve nestled located along Kreta Ayer Road is a French-Japanese fine-dining restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Kawano Masahiko. The elegant fine dining space balances traditional Japanese ingredients with French cuisine with a 7 course lunch menu at S$158.00++ and a 9 course dinner menu at S$218.00++.
Reve-Fine Dining Restaurant Kreta Ayer Rd
Diners can enjoy the menu Chef Masahiko sets in front of you while you sit down and relish in the wonders of flavours. Reve-Fine Dining Restaurant Kreta Ayer Rd-1
Here are the highlights from our tasting menu:
Reve-Abalone Uni
Cauliflower mousse topped with steam abalone and bafun uni from Hokkaido, aside dripped with chive oil. Beautiful in presentation and umami in flavour to kick start the meal.

Reve-Focaccia and butter
Chef-made Focaccia bread served with echire butter. It was crisp, light and slighty chewy in texture with a nice spread of butter. The butter do not have oily taste and aftertaste is clear.

Grilled medium fatty tuna from Nagasaki along with braised wintermelon, accompanied with Jerusalem artichoke puree and tomato puree. A tasted of charred on the outer layer with tasty meat that melts in your mouth and the braised wintermelon that gives a slight grass-like flavour and retains its refreshing properties. A good combination dish.

Kinmedai/ Mussels
Reve Fine Dining-Kinmedai and Mussels
Well-executed sautéed golden eyes snapper from Shizuoka with spinach mussels sauce,aside with French mussels with pumpkin puree. Crisp skin with sweet and rich flavour of the flesh being super high in minerals and nutrients. The sweetness of the pumpkin puree balances the faintly sweet, mushroom0like undertone mussels. Splendid!

Reve Fine Dining-Pigeon
Reve Fine Dining-Pigeon-1
Japanese miso marinated French pigeon with portwine sauce, aside with black garlic puree and miso powder. The pigeon meat is lean and the flavour similar to dark chicken meat. Some may feel that it has the ‘gamey chicken’ flavour but this is nicely down and best to pair with black garlic puree and miso powder for added taste profile.

Reve Fine Dining-Noodles
Next, we tried the special made whole grain flour noodles with duck and chicken bone soup. Light yet umami in flavour and I finished everything at one go.

Reve Fine Dining-Dessert
We ended with a sweet note. Taiwanese high mountain tea flavoured panna cotta, mango slices, chef-made vanilla ice-cream on topped with white wine granita for dessert.

Rêve is relatively small space so I would suggest to make reservation before heading down. Chef Masahiko is friendly and approachable while the service staffs are attentive. The whole dining experience was pleasant and hope to visit them again.

Address: Rêve
39 Kreta Ayer Road #01-01
Singapore 089002
For reservations: info@reve-sq.com
Tel: +65 8371 2588

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