[SG EATS] Exquisite Time-limited Flavours of Rajasthan Menu at Tiffin Room

Tiffin Room will be launching “Flavours of Rajasthan” Menu for exquisite time-limited from 13 January to 27 January 2022. Indulge in the journey to the charming North Indian state of Rajasthan, the land of royalty and incredibly rich culture, cuisine, and architectural grandeur. Experience in a culinary feast of authentic delights drawn from Chef Kuldeep Negi’s personal travels to Rajasthan. The menu is also available for Vegetarian option.
Time-limited Flavours of Rajasthan Menu -Tiffin Room-Kanji Vada
We started with two appertiser – Kanji Vada (Deep-fried yellow lentil dumplings with mustard and asafoetida water) and Maas Ke Sooley (Lamb fillet with basil and dried mango). Kanji Vada, a popular Rajasthani street food that has the soft yet crisp fried vadas dipped into the asafoetida water. It is quite refreshing and aids to digestive system. Time-limited Flavours of Rajasthan Menu -Tiffin Room-Maas Ke Sooley
The Maas Ke Sooley is consider a royal treat from the land of Rajasthan. Well-marinated lamb fillet with traditional spices and barbecued enhances the smoky flavour and texture. We love the combination, and the lamb is not gamey at all.

Time-limited Flavours of Rajasthan Menu -Tiffin Room-Tiffin Box with Bajre Ki Roti and Methi Parantha
Time-limited Flavours of Rajasthan Menu -Tiffin Room-Tiffin Box with Bajre Ki Roti and Methi Parantha-1
Time-limited Flavours of Rajasthan Menu -Tiffin Room-2
Moving on is the main course presented in their signature Tiffin Box with Bajre Ki Roti and Methi Parantha. We had the Murgh Mokul (Chicken breast cooked with yogurt, almond paste and ground mace), Banjara Gosht (Lamb chop with onions, coriander seeds and cardamon), Machhi Pudhina Curry (Barramundi with mint and fresh coriander paste),Gatta Pulaoo (Indian Basmati rice with gram flour dumplings and yogurt), and Dal Batti Churma (Yellow lentil curry with wheat dough balls and ghee). Bajre Ki Roti is healthy choice as it is made of bajra flour and whole wheat flour, which are both super foods. It hails from the very rich Rajasthani cuisine and have a very rustic flavour and texture. Surprisingly, it is a good change for naan and goes well with the curries, butter and dals.
Time-limited Flavours of Rajasthan Menu -Tiffin Room-Makhana Kheer and Doodh Ladoo
We ended our meal with sweet dessert, Makhana Kheer and Doodh Ladoo. Lotus seed pudding, gram flour and milk ladoo. Makhana Kheer is a sweet dessert pudding made with Makhana (foxnuts), milk, ghee,sugar and dry fruits. It is a popular sweet that is often made during Navratri Fasting or Ekadasi Fasting. My first time trying it and I personally not a fan of sweet, so this is a bit too sweet for my liking. Instead, I enjoyed Doodh Ladoo, a famous sweet from North India. The ladoos are round shaped sweet delicacy and a good mixture of texture and flavour.
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