[SG EATS] Five-course Wellness Menu for Autumn At Yan Restaurant at National Gallery Singapore 宴中餐馆

[SG EATS] Five-course Wellness Menu for Autumn At Yan Restaurant at National Gallery Singapore 宴中餐馆

Yan welcomes autumn in nourishing Cantonese feast this season with five-course Wellness Menu. The menu is specially developed for autumn with guidance from Zhongjin TCM Clinic. Shiliao(食疗), also known as food therapy, is a centuries old Chinese principle that identifies food with beneficial properties and applies it as means of prevention, counteraction, restoration, enhancement, and rejuvenation.

Having said that Yan’s menu weaves together ingredients such as cordyceps flower, black fungus, and glehnia root to relieve dampness and provide support to the immune system. Classic techniques such as steaming, stewing and double boiling are applied to bring out the natural flavours of the ingredients.
Dim Sum Trio Platter-Wellness Menu Yan Cantonese Restaurant
We start off with Dim Sum Trio-点心三拼 , a handcrafted dim sum platter that consists of Crispy Puff filled with Shredded Radish and Cordyceps Flower, Steamed Pork Dumpling with Mandarin Peel and Goji Berry and Steamed Scallop with Asparagus and Black Fungus wrapped in crystal dumpling skin.
BENEFITS: Black fungus is high in fibre and promotes gut health. Cordyceps flower is one of the most used ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen the immunity, liver and kidneys. Mandarin peel is said to nourish the spleen and lungs. Goji berry is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for vision health.
Double-boiled Pork Ribs Soup with Glehnia Root and Solomon’s Seal- Yan Cantonese Restaurant Wellness Menu
Next, Double-boiled Pork Ribs Soup with Glehnia Root and Solomon’s Seal-沙参玉竹炖排骨汤. Nourishing bowl of goodness with chicken, pork ribs, glehnia root and Solomon’s seal.
BENEFITS: Glehnia root clears the lung heat and promotes blood circulation.Solomon’s seal nourishes the yin energy and reduces inflammation.

Steamed Cod Fish with Chinese Yam and Preserved Vegetables-Yan Cantonese Restaurant
Steamed Cod Fish with Chinese Yam and Preserved Vegetables-山药咸菜蒸鳕鱼 . My favourite dish from the menu. Steamed Chilean cod fish fillet topped with Chinese yam, preserved vegetables, and shredded ginger. Steamed fish is a low-calorie protein that keeps us fuller for longer and retain its vitamins and minerals. It also packed with omega 3 fatty acids which improves cardiovascular health.
BENEFIT: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese yam strengthens the spleen and kidneys.

Liquorice Roasted Duck with Stewed Noodles – 甘草烧鸭拌焖生面 for main. Egg noodles served with liquorice root-marinated roasted duck and chye sim. The duck marinade is made by chopping Chinese liquorice root, shallots, garlic till fine, then white peppercorns are added. Stuff Chinese liquorice root and spices such as star anise and bay leaves into the duck. That explains the umami flavours of the duck meat.
BENEFITS: The region of Guangdong is known to have 3 treasures: chen pi (mandarin peel), lao jiang (aged ginger), and gan cao (Chinese liquorice root). Chinese liquorice root nourishes the respiratory system and strengthens the Qi of the spleen. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.
Chilled Osmanthus Barley Cream with Aloe Vera -Wellness Menu
For dessert, we had Chilled Osmanthus Barley Cream with Aloe Vera – 冰镇桂花薏米露 to end the meal. The barley is cooked with pandan leaves before rock sugar and osmanthus flower are added and boiled together for about 30 minutes. Cream, aloe vera, and sago pearls are added just before the dessert soup is done. The osmanthus petals have a unique flavour which some may not accept the taste but overall is still refreshing and light to cleanse the palate.
BENEFITS: Osmanthus is known as a herb that tonifies the kidney and cleanses the liver while Barley is good for dispelling internal dampness-heat during autumn.

Five-course Wellness Menu for Autumn priced at S$68++ per person; minimum 2 persons. The menu is available from 12 September to 31 October 2022 for dine-in only during lunch.

Apart from this, they also offered as part of a special workshop priced at S$85 nett per person.  Workshop is held from 12:00PM to 2:30PM and participants will receive a complimentary Lung Nourishing Soup Mix.

Address: Yàn 宴中餐馆
1 Saint Andrew’s Road
#05-02 National Gallery
Singapore 178957
Website: https://www.yan.com.sg/

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