[SG EATS] Yang Ming Seafood 扬名海鲜煮炒 – Popular Zi Char Restaurant Famous For Lobster Chee Cheong Fun and Seafood Dishes

Yang Ming Seafood, a local zichar establishment renowned for its affordable premium live seafood, has expanded its presence to Ubi following the success of its first branch in Bishan. Located just a 7-minute walk from Ubi MRT Station, the restaurant offers a diverse dining experience, with options ranging from the air-conditioned dining hall to a private room accommodating three tables and an outdoor alfresco area.
To commemorate the second anniversary of its Ubi branch, Keith, the visionary behind Yang Ming Seafood, introduces exclusive dishes that redefine the local zichar and seafood culinary landscape.
Yang Ming Seafood Ubi Singapore
Yang Ming Seafood Ubi
Here’s a glimpse of our recent dining experience at their Ubi outlet:
Pig Stomach Chicken Soup 豬肚雞湯 S$78.00Yang Ming Seafood-Pig Stomach Chicken Soup-1
Yang Ming Seafood-Pig Stomach Chicken Soup
This delectable soup features a kampong chicken stuffed into a pig’s stomach, slow-cooked with white pepper and assorted herbs. The result is a rich and peppery broth, complemented by tender and flavorful chicken and pig’s stomach.

Andrew Lobster 安德鲁龙虾 (Boston: S$108.00 for 2pcs / S$147.00 for 3pcs, Australian: S$148.00/kg)
Choose between Boston and Australian lobster varieties, both delivered fresh from the tank. The Boston lobster impressed with its meaty texture, freshness apparent in every bite, and a delightful interplay of natural juices with the house-made sauce, boasting umami and hints of garlic.

Stewed Crab With Bee Hoon 螃蟹焖米粉 offered in Indonesia live crab (S$95.00/kg) or Sri Lanka live crab (S$100.00/kg)Yang Ming Seafood-Stewed Crab With Bee Hoon
Featuring fine rice noodles soaked in a rich stock derived from flash-fried crustaceans, the dish offers a choice between Indonesia and Sri Lanka live crab. The only critique lies in the desire for more substantial crab meat.

Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF 燒焦豬腳豬腸粉 S$25.00Yang Ming Seafood-Chao Tah Pig Trotter CCF
A newly introduced savory delight, this dish combines silky cheong fun with tender braised pig’s trotter, mushrooms, chestnuts, and beansprouts, stir-fried to perfection with wok hei. The charred pancake, bound together by eggs, adds a delightful touch.

Dry Shrimp Vegetables 蝦乾菜心 S$25.00
Yang Ming Seafood-Dry Shrimp Vegetables
Hong Kong Chye Sim is paired with larger dried shrimps and fresh pork lard cubes, creating a flavorful dish that holds its own amidst the other bold flavors on the table.

Umami Crab Seafood Paofan 蟹蔣蝦兵泡飯 S$138.00Yang Ming Seafood-Umami Crab Seafood Paofan
The crispy pao fan is cooked in a stock infused with prawns and crab. Perennial favourite among diners that gives a combination of savory and sweet soupy delight.

Fried Baby Sotong 粉炸蘇東仔 S$20.00 (S)/ S$30.00 (L)Yang Ming Seafood-Fried Baby Sotong
Crunchy fried baby sotong that proves to be quite addictive.

Salt and Pepper Prawns 特色椒鹽蝦 S$30.00 for 500g/ S$60.00 for 1kgYang Ming Seafood-Salt and Pepper Prawns
A distinctive dish offering a flavorful blend of salt and pepper, available in different quantities.

If you are intending to bring alcohol drinks to the dinner place, they offer free corkage for all dine-in guests. Drink glasses are provided at no extra charge. Reservations are a must if you are heading down to this outlet as the space is limited too.

Address: Yang Ming Seafood
71 Ubi Cres,
#01-05 Excalibur Centre,
Singapore 408571
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yangmingseafood.sg/

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