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During a trip to Kuching last month, I was impressed with the development of the state.My first impression on Kuching, Sarawak is a less developed state as compared with other states of Malaysia. But after I arrived,I was wrong and Kuching has more than 180 hotels cater to travellers from all over the world.Hotel deals are on various platform including HotelsCombined. No worries on the hotel accomodation here.
So,I accidentally came across this fancy rainbow goreng pisang through Instagram. This triggers my interest to give it a try.Apparently, rainbow goreng pisang has been selling in different states of Malaysia quite sometime. However, I have not come across this yet and I am excited to give the first try. If you are not familiar with goreng pisang, this is a deep-fried banana covered with batter and is known by locals in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine and Brunei. Continue reading [M’SIA EATS] FANCY GORENG PISANG EXPERIENCE IN KUCHING | SARAWAK